CaseCentral Allies with CommVault for eDiscovery

eDiscovery powerhouse CaseCentral has teamed up with CommVault, a provider of high-performance data protection and data storage to deliver an end-to-end eDiscovery solution.  

The goal is to combine the indexing, search and retrieval capabilities of CommVault Simpana Archive and Search software, with CaseCentral’s eDiscovery Review Platform. Together, they will be able to offer a suite of solutions that cover the entire EDRM model.  

Users will be able to go from managing and identifying electronically stored information to the production of documents as evidence, making the eDiscovery process much more manageable, efficient and -- oh yeah -- more cost effective. The two companies predict that users will be able to see measurable cost savings from just one case or incident involving eDiscovery when using their solutions jointly. Considering the escalating costs of eDiscovery, the result of unprepared and organized companies, saving any money is a bargain, but the dynamic duo estimate that companies may be able to save up to 70% on eDiscovery in a single year.  

Just how do they expect to perform such eDiscovery miracles?

Well, by starting at the opposite sides of the EDRM model, of course. CommVault represents the left, while CaseCentral is on the right.

Learning Opportunities

EDRM Model

Using CommVault's Simpana Archive and Search software, customers will be able to index, search and retrieve electronically stored information as part of the eDiscovery process while preserving the information using a legal hold archive. Relevant data can then be analyzed, reviewed and produced in CaseCentral’s on-demand eDiscovery review platform.

As we covered previously, the case for eDiscovery represents many strategies, dedicated to best offer organizations a way to prepare for litigation as well as to prevent it. The alliance between CommVault and CaseCentral offer companies a comprehensive eDiscovery solution that merges data and information management with SaaS mutli-matter eDiscovery review.

However, like any good strategy, companies should approach eDiscovery as an on-going process and not as a magic bean that will miraculously fix everything. Companies are encouraged to be vigilant by proactively addressing issues so as to drive down costs and minimize liability and risk.