CNG-SHARE Consolidates Secure File Sharing Workflows via Browser

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Cabinet NG is expanding the sharing universe with its new CNG-SHARE, allowing non-CNG users to securely share documents and collaborate. SHARE is a component of CNG-SAFE 8.0, which the company described as the industry’s “first fully integrated document management, cloud-based file sharing, and workflow solution.”

CNG-SHARE allows SAFE users and non-SAFE contacts, such as customers or vendors, to share documents by posting them to a registered user’s password-enabled SHARE account. Documents can be accessed and managed via a browser.

Integrated Feature Set

Within SAFE 8.0, SHARE provides a single viewing and control screen for all shared documents and for related functions, such as accessing, deleting and uploading.

CNG president Andrew Bailey said in a statement that none of the more than 200 hosted file sharing solutions on the market “offer the integrated feature set that CNG-SHARE brings to document management and workflow.” He added that many of the products from other companies “are basic standalone products or require complicated plug-ins if used in a business setting.”

When a SAFE user shares a document, an email is generated and sent to the intended recipient. The email contains a link leading the recipient to the user’s SHARE folder, where documents can be uploaded or downloaded and folders created, all within a standard browser. Connections and documents are secured with standard industry encryption.

Learning Opportunities

Add Branding

Administrators can add their logo and custom title bar to the user-facing portal and messaging screens. Similarly, system emails can be branded with logo and messaging for the header.

Only the SHARE user requires a license, which starts at US$ 15 per user for 10 users or less. Outsiders do not need a license, as they share the user’s SHARE account.

The Huntsville, Alabama-based Cabinet NG, founded in 1999, provides document management and workflow software. CNG SAFE is available as a hosted service or in an installed, on-premises version. It integrates centrally-managed document management with contact management and workflow, which, the company noted, allows organizations to schedule items and tasks, along with their supporting documents, tracking, search and reporting.