The latest vendor to upgrade its products in an effort to keep up with the ever changing face of SharePoint is Colligo, which has just announced the release of Email Manager v6.0 and Colligo Briefcase v6.0.

Colligo, Windows

According to Colligo, while there may be other vendors that have integrated SharePoint and either email management, document collaboration or enterprise sync, none of them to date have managed to combine all three.

Except Colligo, needless to say. According to the details of today’s release, Colligo has combined all three and pulled them into a single package in what it says is its vision to support enterprise collaboration and syncing on any device and from anywhere.

Colligo Upgrades

In a nutshell, the products have been upgraded to provide the following:

  • Colligo Email Manager 6.0: A plug-in for Outlook that integrates with Colligo’s email management capabilities it extends scalable email management across the enterprise to any Windows desktop or mobile device both online and offline.
  • Colligo Briefcase 6.0 for Windows: Enables content syncing from SharePoint to Windows, laptops and tablets.
  • Colligo Contributor Pro 6.0: This is a bundle containing all the options so that enterprises can extend both Briefcase and Email manager to everyone in the enterprise.

The key in all this is synchronization across devices. Since SharePoint, according to AIIM, is now being used by a large number of enterprises as an enterprise CMS system, users are looking to access it from a wide variety of devices, both mobile and desktop.

Without synchronization and the guarantee that the content that is being viewed is the latest content, as well as knowing who did what to what content, one of the principal advantages of mobile devices is lost.

Colligo Upgrade Features

Colligo ensures this through technology that offers authentication, security, local encrypted caching, version control as well as conflict resolution that ensures users get the latest version of everything.

Consolidating our core competencies into feature-rich products, and expanding that availability across multiple devices, makes for compelling solutions that our customers have asked for…Our mission is to enable enterprise collaboration everywhere, so we remain focused on people-centered solutions in mobility, email management, records management, and compliance. The 6.0 releases are the right tools for our customers to further succeed in these disciplines,,” says Barry Jinks Colligo’s CEO said.

This release effectively rounds-off Colligo’s mobile product line for iOS tablet and phone that offers users the same work possibilities for mobile as it does for desktops.

It also offers a wide range of deployment options that not only take into account existing SharePoint versions like 2007 and 2010, but has also made it compatible with SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 so that it works in enterprises where there are several different SharePoint deployments across different departments.