Colligo's Email Manager for SharePoint Adds Launchpad for Web Access #MSTechEd
Microsoft’s Outlook has uses beyond sending and receiving email. On Monday, SharePoint app provider Colligo Networks added more uses, as it announced the release of its Email Manager 5.4, featuring the ability to add one-click icons to the Outlook 2010 ribbon. 

The one-click buttons, which can be customized to access websites, social networking apps or Web apps, is part of Launchpad, a feature available in version 5.4. Icons, names and groups can be configured, and URLs can be managed in groups. IT administrators can configure Launchpad on a department-wide or a per user basis.

‘Single Point Access’

The new version of Email Manager was announced at the Microsoft TechEd North America 2012 conference, taking place this week in Orlando, Fla., and is designed for use with SharePoint 2010 and Office 365.

Trevor Dyck, Director for Product Management at Colligo, said in a statement that the ability to use Outlook “as the single access point to SharePoint, websites and web apps eliminates the context-switching that can erode productivity.” He also added that configuration is “painless,” and that Launchpad makes Outlook “even more valuable to SharePoint users.”

In addition to Launchpad, Email Manager 5.4 provides support for Microsoft’s Business Connectivity Services, so that metadata -- for tagging, viewing and finding content -- can be applied from external systems, such as SAP or Siebel.

SharePoint Content Within Outlook

Colligo Email Manager allows SharePoint content to be managed within Outlook, so that, for instance, users can categorize, find and share email and attachments via drag-and-drop from Outlook to SharePoint. The find function allows Outlook and SharePoint content to be jointly searched, SharePoint content can be viewed inside Outlook and links can be substituted for attachments to facilitate sharing.

In Email Manager, SharePoint document libraries are shown as folders within Outlook, and email can be filed in SharePoint and marked as such.

Based in Vancouver, B. C., Colligo Networks' SharePoint apps for managing apps and documents are, according to the company, used by nearly 5000 customers worldwide. Colligo’s solutions enable users to gain access to and manage content from SharePoint via Windows File Explorer, Apple iPads and smartphones, in addition to Outlook.