In the heat of data recovery, one hopes its being done intelligently. The aptly named CYA Technologies (Continuity of Your Assets), a provider of recovery and replication software solutions for EMC systems, has announced the immediate availability of CYA SmartRecovery 4.2. The new release, announced in Rome, at EMC's Momentum user conference, contains an integrated records retention module (RRM) that retains and disposes of records within EMC's Documentum Enterprise CMS. Releasing this news in Italy, marks still another US- based vendor seeking recognition in the growing European market. CYA knows that its product users need to cover their information assets. "As our customers strive toward compliance and reducing risks associated with information mismanagement, CYA continues to deliver embedded functionality that proactively and pervasively enforces existing record retention policies." said Wayne Crandall, president and CEO of CYA. This is one product the SEC should dearly love. CYA SmartRecovery -- which is "Designed for EMC" certified -- employs an application-aware technology called Intelli-Capture. This feature understands the importance between content and its metadata links within ECM systems. This gives users a greater ability to recover from all manner of data disappearances. CYA SmartRecovery reduces the risk associated with producing metadata by ensuring: * Data Integrity -- a seamlessly integrated function to perform more than 350 integrity checks on individual records or documents as they are captured, verifying that the necessary relationships are being maintained at the application level * Information Accessibility -- quickly recovers metadata with content in cases of data loss resulting from application data corruption, administrative errors, user malfeasance, and viruses * Record Authenticity -- maintains a carbon copy of the complete record to ensure tamper-proof safeguards on all information for authentic metadata recovery at any time without any system downtime. For more information, visit