It’s still the holiday season, so all's quiet on the document management front. However, that didn’t stop Microsoft from launching its new store for Office and SharePoint, nor did it stop Cabinet NG from rebranding. Also this week, 52apps released a watermarking tool for iPad and iPhone, while PixelCrayons enters the document management market.

Office, SharePoint Store

If everyone’s back from the Mars trip, let’s look at something a tad less exciting, but in practical terms a lot more useful. You recall that Microsoft released the Office 2013 (not to mention SharePoint 2013) Preview, it has also just announced the opening of a new Office store.

On the Office and SharePoint blog Vivek Narasimhan, product manager for SharePoint, took readers on a trip around the store to look at some of the features.

Clearly, Microsoft feels that it is so extensive that it needs to show people around so as to maximize the experience for them.

This, according to Narasimhan, is not the same as just signing in and downloading Office or SharePoint Previews; this is about a whole pile of extras -- as well as the principal products, too -- for both the user and developer communities.

Why did Microsoft build the Office Store? For three reasons, it says: integration, simplicity and developer opportunity. The best thing is just to quote here what he says about it, because it’s quite a mouthful.

We know our users spend an incredible amount of time using the Microsoft Office suite -- think of how much time you spend reading through email, writing reports, analyzing data, preparing sales figures or sharing proposals with your team. We also know that many critical tools and many critical information sources live on the web or in applications outside of Office. We’ve built the store so you could integrate the very best of the web with the powerful features of Office and SharePoint."

He then lists a whole pile of practical examples of the kind of things you can learn or do at the store. More importantly, it is also focused on making it easy to download and use apps, with all apps listed in the store validated by Microsoft to ensure users get the best of them. If you’re going to use the new edition of either then you really need to check this out.

PDF Watermarks for iOS

Also this week, iOS apps developers 52apps made it easier to keep PDFs secure without having to invest in often overpriced PDF software. With their new app Impress, released over the past week, users can watermark documents using any text, stamps (pre-defined text images), any image, a hand-drawn signature, the current date and time and/or page numbers.

With it, content creators protect their intellectual property by adding watermarks that make illicit copying difficult. Impress can watermark any PDF file, regardless of what application created the original document. Functionality includes:

  • Watermark any PDF file, regardless of source
  • Create watermarks from: text stamps, pre-defined text images, images
  • Signatures created by hand within the app
  • Date/Time (automatic stamp)
  • Page numbers

And a whole pile more. What’s even better is the price. You can download it here for the princely sum of US$ 2.99.

Cabinet NG Rebrands

While it’s still quiet in the document management space, Cabinet NG is using the holiday to rebrand, dropping the NG from its monicker.

The company is now called Cabinet, which it says is to enable it to build on its core brand identity and simplify its presentation to attract new prospects and customers.


Cabinet NG rebranded logo

Founded in 1999, it has been using the same name, logo and website ever since, but with this, it is giving its image a bit of a makeover.

The ‘NG’ stood for next generation, but we have progressed way beyond simply offering the next generation of a filing cabinet and felt that our name should represent who we are today, as well as who we will be years from now,” said Andrew Bailey, president, Cabinet."

He cites workflow, on-premises and hosted offerings as well as its new SHARE portal, and integration with a variety of third party applications as just a few of the new products developed over the years that require a new kind of branding.

In addition to simplifying the company’s name, Cabinet revamped its website, making it more user-friendly and easier to navigate. It also updated its Twitter, Facebook and YouTube sites.

PixelCrayons Document Management Solution

Finally this week, PixelCrayons, the Web design and development vendor, has also moved into the document management space.

In recent times, the company launched many such new releases targeting B2B and B2C portals, social networking websites, online storefronts and more.

The document management release pushes this a little bit further, and with it is hoping to develop a bigger client base.

It comes with many of the standard document management features including: quick search and retrieval of documents, backup options, reliable and secure document management and centralized monitoring and control.

Useful to have web design and document management bundled in together. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this in the coming months.