Document, Form Management Made Easier with LincDoc, Box.Net Integration

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LincDoc form management application
Filling in forms can be a cumbersome process both for the submitter and the recipient. LincDoc (news, site), an electronic forms and document automation tool, makes creating, collecting and processing form data easier by converting existing documents into an interactive web-based form, which users can digitally sign before electronic submission. LincDoc now works with Box.net for better cloud storage and collaboration on forms.

Forms Made Easy

LincDoc creates a user-guided process for filling out forms and information, and automates the process of creating the forms themselves. The system involves a step-by-step process through which the user fills in data (no complicated onscreen input with multiple fields here). Once the information is complete, LincDoc then renders the data into the original document layout for a consistent look and feel. Prior to submission, users can sign the document through an on-screen signature box.

LincDoc is available on both web interface and as an iPad application. The web app makes it easy for organizations to make their forms available both internally and to external clients. Meanwhile, having an iPad app should make it convenient for organizations that require mobility to manage forms with an easy-to-use interface.

LincDoc Box Sample Form

LincDoc lets users fill in forms through the Web or an iPad app. A signature field is provided.

Daniel O'Leary, LincWare vice president for global solutions, highlights how LincDoc can reduce or even eliminate an organization's dependence on paper and paper forms. LincDoc does not require special design tools or skills, because it can turn existing forms into electronic forms.

Learning Opportunities

The concept here is that you can create forms on an iPad, in a browser, or a kiosk, and instantly connect them to Box.net. We support things like digital signature, uploaded files and credit card payments as well, making it ideal for forms and document that are public-facing, and it also leverages the flexibility of the cloud. If you are using the iPad, you can use the camera, and have that all go to Box as well. LincDoc is unique in that no forms designer is required since we use existing PDF and Word documents to handle the design."

No More Paper

LincDoc's form creation and processing capabilities can be used in a variety of applications. Forms are stored on a user's Box.net account once data is sent back. Here are some examples and features.

  • The LincWare sample involves filling in a tax form. The user needs to enter information one-by-one, and the form is filled in. You would only need to sign on the signature box prior to submission.
  • LincDoc can gain access to content from a database, such as MySQL, Oracle or MS-SQL, so information can be filled in with existing content, if necessary. This can be used when filling in employee forms.
  • Application forms can be submitted online, along with collection of payments (through a payment processor, such as PayPal).

LincDoc can dynamically create files and folder structures, for better organization of completed forms. Forms can be created either from an existing document in PDF or Word format, through the web or through the iPad application.

LincDoc is usually installed as an on-premise virtual appliance, and can run on any networked infrastructure. LincDoc can also be installed on a cloud deployment, depending on the requirements of an organization. Pricing starts at US$ 99 per month, but per-form and other purchase options are available.

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