Things are heating up in the document management space. This week, we see Nuxeo setting up its stall for the coming year, vendors and enterprises are gearing up for the release of SharePoint 2013, Micro Strategies connects SharePoint and IBM Connections and Atiz introduces a mobile scanner.

Nuxeo in 2013

Nuxeo has really been making strides over the past couple of years -- and in the past few days it has released some figures that show what all the effort has brought.

According to a statement issued by Nuxeo at the beginning of this week, many of their large customers in the US have renewed their subscriptions over the past 12 months, which is not really surprising when you consider that many of them are building their business processes on top of Nuxeo.

The figures that it released over the week do not constitute a financial statement -- more a collection of facts, but there are some interesting numbers that bode well for the year ahead.

According to CEO Eric Barroca, the monthly subscription renewal rate now stands at 99% globally, a figure which he says is considerably higher than the average rate across the industry, with companies like Netflix, FICO, U.S. Navy and Michelin Travel Partner now using the platform. 

Over the past year, global revenues increased by 40% from 2011 to 2012, with a 115% revenue increase in the US, nearly 70% of which was derived from subscriptions. Usage of Nuxeo Studio, its application delivery toolset, has tripled between 2011 and 2012, while this year also saw the release of v5.6.

Nuxeo has certainly made considerable in-roads in the past 12 months, and as we saw with Alfresco, the US is still the one to impress.

SharePoint 2013 Migrations

It appears as if Microsoft will be busy this quarter -- as it's already released Office 2013 and the online version of Office 365. 

Since last summer, and the release of the SharePoint 2013 Preview, SharePoint aficionados have been anxiously waiting to see what the new version contains, even if it’s been all but confirmed that it will have enhanced social capabilities and abilities in the cloud.

But Chris McNulty, SharePoint Strategic Product Manager at Quest -- now part of Dell -- has been busy already and recommends that enterprises going the SharePoint 2013 route start working now.

Obviously, they can’t work on SharePoint 2013 itself, but they can get their environment ready. In this respect, he wrote a white paper containing a number of recommendations that businesses might follow in the lead-up to the release. 

Micro Strategies Links SharePoint, Connections

Also in the world of SharePoint, the recently released MSI SharePoint Widget for IBM Connections from Micro Strategies.

With it, users who have access to SharePoint and IBM Connections environments will be able to take all the documents in an entire SharePoint farm and pull them into a single IBM Connections Community. As a result, users that have content stored in SharePoint will be able to socialize that content without having to reorganize the way documents are stored in the SharePoint repository. 

Advantages include document and site search, linking documents to the widget and the community as well as downloading and viewing linked documents. The widget was unveiled at the recent IBM Connect Conference and is now on release.

Scandock Scans To iPhone, Smartphone

Moving away from SharePoint, this week we have the release of a scanner from Atiz Innovation, a book digitization hardware vendor that can scan books using smartphones.

Called Scandock, it comes with a silicon flat mat where the documents are placed, and all the other hardware needed to scan a document. It also comes with a switchable iPhone dock, or a universal smartphone dock.

Using the color pad on Scandock, users place the document that needs to be scanned onto the pad, insert the document into the dock and scan the document, which enables users create PDFs, edit images, email or upload images or air print to a nearby printer.

In Multi-Doc mode, Scandock can capture many items (e.g., receipts or business cards) in a single shot. The app then auto-crops and separates the items into individual documents.