It’s slow in the document management space at the moment, but even still there are a few notable releases. Arguably the most important is the upgrades to iWork and better document syncing across Apple devices. In addition, MaxxVault upgraded to 5.3, Foxit released new SDKs, and Pro Softnet is offering easier syncing and storage.

iWorks New Doc Abilities

Just a day after Apple released what is generally being viewed as disappointing Q3 results, it also launched OS X Mountain Lion. It also released an updated version of iWork that would work better with Mountain Lion, taking advantage of recent upgrades.

The new version of iWork includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote, as well as support for iCloud Documents. What this means is that users will be able to work on an iWork document on a Mac, and follow up on that document on either iPad or iPhone.

Document syncing is carried out across an intuitive document selection interface that provides full automatic document syncing across all Mac devices. From the iWork blog we see that that iWork also offers support to Mountain Lion, enabling users to:

  • Store documents: iCloud keeps documents automatically up to date. Changes made to a document on one device automatically appear on all your other devices. Requires iWork for iOS 1.6.1 or later installed on iOS device.
  • Dictate: Speak words, numbers or sentences and watch them appear in your presentation, document  or spreadsheet.

In addition, users can take advantage of the Retina display on new Mac hardware so presentations, documents and spreadsheets appear sharper and more vibrant.

If you’re interested in more on this check out the iWork blog; if you’re interested on more on Mountain Lion check out the video below.

MaxxVault Upgrades to V5.3

MaxxVault has announced the release of MaxxVault 5.3, which features tighter integration into the desktop for a more efficient and simpler user experience.

Among the list of new features are key additions to the product that reduce the need for users to open the MaxxVault interface to find and view the documents they need.

Users already have the ability to save and index documents to MaxxVault via the MaxxVault Desktop folder. With the new MaxxVault Desktop Search, Windows system administrators can configure a universal hot-key which, when used, will launch a list of MaxxVault document searches that are available to the user based on their security profile.

Users will also be able to retrieve and view documents without leaving their current application -- all without the need for special integration.

In addition to the desktop search, new tools are available for Microsoft Office users. The MaxxVault workflow can notify a user that a document requires their attention via email.

With MaxxVault 5.3 users will be able to click the document link to retrieve a document from the secure repository, make edits and changes in Microsoft Word and save the document back into MaxxVault as a new version -- all without opening the MaxxVault interface. Worth noting here is that there is also a MaxxVault cloud for access to documents anywhere. Interested in more? Check it out here.

Pro Softnet Syncing, Storage

Also this week, cloud storage vendor, Pro Softnet has announced the completely redesigned IDriveSync, with new features and a user interface that offers access to data across multiple computers, tablets and smartphones.

New to the IDriveSync service is Visual Sharing, a drag-and-drop online interface for sharing files. The interface allows users to easily set up a contact list. After locating files to share, users can drag-and-drop those files onto their contacts.

Also new is Facebook integration that allows users to link their Facebook account for easy access to contacts and sharing of photos or videos with Facebook friends via private messages or wall posts. Using this integration, photos can be uploaded once to an IDriveSync account and be available for both posting to Facebook and other uses.

Key features include:

  • Cross-platform functionality
  • iPad document editing
  • File versioning
  • Faster syncing capabilities

IDriveSync comes with 5 GB complimentary storage space. Users requiring additional storage can purchase 150 GB for US$ 4.

Foxit’s New SDKs

Finally, this week, PDF specialist Foxit has announced the release of Foxit PDF Generator for .NET SDK and Foxit PDF Merger for .NET SDK.

The two software development kits (SDKs) allows .NET application developers to incorporate industry standard PDF generation technology into their applications. PDF Generator for .NET SDK is used for the real-time creation of PDF documents based on dynamic data. Documents can be generated straight to a Web Form, file, byte array or system.

PDF Generator for .NET SDK is delivered in two packages based on different user needs. The Professional package provides support for page elements, document navigation, document templates, and support for fonts, texts, tables, lists and colors.

The Enterprise packages adds to the Professional package by providing support for bar codes, charts, forms, JavaScript actions, prepress, archiving, security and encryption.