There’s been a number of releases this week that help document management, including one from OpenText that helps document governance in SharePoint 2010, a connector from Box to your ECMs, KnowledgeLake has released document imaging for SharePoint, while ABBYY’s SDK integrates data capture with third-party applications.

OpenText Offers SP Governance

This week, OpenText (news, site) went a ways toward ironing out some of the wrinkles in SharePoint 2010 that have been bothering users since its launch -- not least of which was the way in which the document management and archiving components were working.

While OpenText, through its ECM Suite 2010, has done a lot of information management work with respect to SharePoint -- including the recent DoD 5015.02 certification for its joint records management solution -- the new Application Governance & Archiving software provides end-to–end management of document and site-based content across enterprises.

According to OpenText, users will be able to apply enterprise-wide compliance policies to documents stored across SharePoint environments, as well as enabling users to gain access to and work on documents that have already been archived.

Allowing users to gain access to and work on content was always going to be a balancing act between enterprises' archiving business goals using archived documents, while at the same time ensuring their integrity for compliance and e-Discovery purposes. Interested in more?’s Connect Box (news, site) has also been busy this week. From its origins as a cloud-based document storage system, it has comes a long way in a few years, with the most recent upgrade offering interoperability across different systems -- which should be of particular interest to enterprises looking to get away from on-premise systems.

ECM Cloud ConnectBox connects your ECM to Box, where you can collaborate on documents and make them available via mobile devices including your iPad. Box OEMed EntropySoft's Content Hub, and its 40 connectors to just about any content management system that you can think of, including OpenText, Alfresco, Documentum and SharePoint.

It also enables real-time synchronization of a selection of documents between ECM systems. Interested in more?

KnowledgeLake Enhances SP Doc Capture

KnowledgeLake (news, site), which provides document imaging and capture technologies for Microsoft SharePoint, has announced enhancements to its capture software for SharePoint.

Capture for SharePoint is a solution to manage the enterprise-wide capture of an organization’s content. The latest enhancements improve the ability to classify and recognize documents, and provide automated data extraction and indexing.

These advanced capture enhancements provide advantages to an organization's current document capture business processes, not least of which is the time it takes to ingest documents.

The time it takes to prepare documents manually for scanning is reduced by using the visual appearance and textual content of a document to identify the type of document. The risk of errors associated with manual data entry is also reduced by extracting data from scanned documents, validating the data and then storing the document and the metadata in SharePoint.

KnowledgeLake’s existing barcode technology has also been enhanced to provide the ability to use barcode labels to index documents before they are scanned, and to use checklist classification functionality with multi-function devices.

Advanced Printing for SP

Digitech (news, site) has also been working with SharePoint with the expansion of its list of technologies that optimize Microsoft SharePoint for information management.

PaperVision SharePoint Tools allows businesses to send files from Windows Explorer and print documents from any Window application into the organization's SharePoint implementation. SharePoint Tools streamlines processes and integrates SharePoint into the daily work environment.

PaperVision SharePoint Tools makes it easier to upload electronic files on individual workstations scattered across a corporate network for management within the SharePoint system. Once uploaded, the files are available to the sites and communities the SharePoint implementation serves.

This announcement comes on the heels of Digitech Systems' recent announcement that it has optimized PaperVision Capture to make it easier to upload scanned images of paper records into SharePoint for management and retrieval.

ABBYY Releases FlexiCapture Engine 9.0

Finally, document recognition vendor ABBYY (news, site) has released ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 9.0, the next generation of the SDK, for integrating data capture technology into third-party applications.

Key functionality in version 9.0 includes support for mobile data capture (extraction of data from documents captured with mobile devices), enhanced document classification for automated pre-sorting and document routing and processing via multi-threaded and 64-bit operating systems.

It also delivers enhancements in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), including support for new Asian languages.

ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine provides a set of tools for developing solutions for automated processing of various types of forms and documents and extraction of data for input into backend systems.

Version 9.0 also offers enhanced recognition functionality to capture data from photographs taken with camera phones.