It’s been a mixed bag this week. Amazon has released an application that lets users send documents to Kindle, the CloudOn app enables users to create and edit Office documents on iPad, SAP expands in the education market, PSIGEN pushes into Asia Pacific while Due Diligence extends the scope of V-Rooms.

Send Documents to Kindle

Earlier this week, Amazon released a new application that will enable Kindle users to synchronize and gain access to Microsoft files that are stored in the cloud.

According to a Kindle blog post, the Send to Kindle for PC offers users a way to send documents to their device or supported Kindle app from Windows Explorer and other Windows applications.

The post also says that users will be able to archive documents in their Kindle Library for re-download later. The last page read, along with bookmarks, notes and highlights, are synchronized for your documents (with the exception of PDFs) across Kindle devices and supported Kindle reading apps.

“Send to Kindle” is available for free download. Support for Mac is coming soon.

iPad and Office

One of the problems with iPad for most people was the lack of support for Microsoft Office on it. Earlier on this month, the CloudOn app was launched in the App Store, which aimed to remedy that, but had to be taken off due to technical difficulties.

The CloudOn app, however, is now back and the makers assure us that is works properly this time. With it, not only will you be able to gain access to your documents, but you will also be able to create and edit them online.

Your documents are stored in the cloud using your DropBox account, which you should create when you download the app. If you don’t have one, you will be able to create one on-the-fly into which you can save your documents, which can be in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can also have access to those documents from a PC.

SAP Buys datango

SAP announced its intention to acquire datango, a workforce performance support software vendor that provides content development, translation and deployment capabilities for electronic training, documentation and user support.

The deal is scheduled to close during the first quarter of 2012 and will broaden the SAP software portfolio in the education space offering users easy-to-use software tools to help address their end-to-end user training, knowledge management and performance support challenges.

Features of datango's Electronic Performance Support (EPSS) include object recognition, true re-recording, extensive media support and along with existing SAP offerings in the education software space. Financial terms of the deal were not revealed.

Due Diligence Expands V-Rooms

More targeted document management software this week. Due Diligence Online is expanding the capabilities of its V-Rooms product by adding a number of features that will push it beyond providing virtual data rooms (VDR) for projects and transactions into secure cloud document storage products.

V-Rooms will be adding several performance related enhancements along with a new SEARCH tool for Room Administrators.

The new Administrator Search screen will offer a quick method of accessing folders and files within a virtual deal room for maintenance. This feature will also help expedite folder/file maintenance activities by narrowing the view of documents to only those that an administrator needs to access. In providing sort and filtering capabilities, the administrator will be able to facilitate faster location of documents.

Timothy Sides, who recently became the Director of Technology for V-Rooms and who has extensive experience with Microsoft's .NET Framework, said the new functionality will extend its reach in the Merger and Acquisition space among clients who use the companies virtual deal rooms.

PSIGEN Moves Into Asia Pacific

Finally, PSIGEN is expanding into the Asia Pacific region with a new distribution with UpFlow, an Australia-based company. The agreement will provide a distribution channel into Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and India.

UpFlow was formed to drive advanced capture into the region, and its founders have deep enterprise CMS expertise and contacts throughout the APAC region.

It is focused on the delivery of document management and workflow automation Solutions to the Asia Pacific Region so it fits in nicely with PSIGEN’s own products.