Document Mgt Roll-up: Xerox, MacAfee Partner, Jahia Prepares for Wise Release

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It’s quiet enough in the document management space this week. There are a few notable items though including the Xerox, McAfee partnership, Jahia is gearing up for the Wise release,we take a look at Office.com, OpenText beats recent earnings trends, and bigtincan upgrades platform.

Xerox, McAfee Partner

If Xerox’s recent quarterly results were down 12% from the decline in the demand in printing, it is still working away to make printing better -- and more secure.

Recently is announced a partnership with McAfee that will see it embedding McAfee software into its networked multifunction printer to monitor what programs have access to the printers, enabling only approved programs get through.

When a multifunction device receives data and processes it for printing, copying, scanning or faxing, it becomes susceptible to malware attacks - a susceptibility that often is overlooked," said Tom Moore, vice president, Embedded Security, McAfee.

What enterprises also forget is that more often than not MFP’s are hooked up to the document management system, making it vulnerable in turn.It also means that confidential information that is being printed out is also at risk if the MFP that it is sent to is not protected.

To counter this, Xerox has adopted McAfee Embedded Control software, which simplifies the protection of MFPs as well as providing a trail pointing to where the threat came from in the first place. More on this partnership as it develops.

Jahia Wise Release

Meanwhile, from Jahia this week we will finally get to see the full release of Jahia Wise, which has been in the works for over a year now.

The official release was due to take place tomorrow (Wednesday), but has been pushed forward a day to enable the US recover from the presidential elections.

Just to jog your memory a bit; Jahia Wise is a new enterprise product for social and collaborative document sharing that aims to simply the process of working and moving documents around an enterprise.

We can’t really go into the details before Thursday, but definitely a release to watch out for this week. In the meantime, you can always have a look at a preview we did of Jahia Wise some weeks ago.

Office 2013 Explored

You may recall that over the past couple of weeks we’ve been taking a look at Office 2013 and some of its components, particularly Office for Windows Phone 8.

There’s clearly a huge interest in this judging from the response, so we came across a video on the Office 2013 blog that gives users a wider and deeper view of what is available in the Office 2013 Preview, and what is likely to be coming in the future.

The video will take you around Office.com, which comes with in-depth training, templates and help with the new version of Office. Check it out below.

Learning Opportunities

OpenText Performs

Also during the week, OpenText released a set of quarterly results that many bigger vendors would have been more than happy to have, especially given that the recent run of results from the larger vendors have been pretty poor on the back of weak sales.

However, what was really interesting about OpenText was the way it bucked the current trends and demonstrated how reacting to new market trends can keep vendors well ahead of the posse.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for OpenText; its net income fell to US$ 19.4 million in spite of a 10 percent revenue increase due to an income tax provision of US$ 16.2 million. But it was really cloud computing that saved the day.

Bigtincan’s Mobile Platform

Finally this week, bigtincan, a mobile and social platform vendor, announced that it has upgraded its business productivity solution for mobile devices.

Built on top of the BTC Dashboard platform, bigtincan hub provides enterprises with a secure mobile platform that gives mobile device users the most recent business content that is available to them from their enterprise repository.

Some of the features include content policy management, security and data leakage protection, document management functionality that enables users to work on their documents, including presentations, while on the road.

It also comes with content scoring abilities through itsContentIS component,andSocialIQ, a unique, real-time content metrics system that tracks who is doing what with materials.