Document Mgt Roll-up: Xerox Previews Document Reviewer Software, Oce Expands MPS Portfolio

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It may have been the Christmas season, but in the document management world the clock continued ticking. In addition to a couple of acquisitions worth noting, Xerox gave us a glimpse of its ‘smart’ document review software, Oce expanded its MPS portfolio and Adeptol expanded the reach of its document viewer.

Xerox Previews Doc Reviewer

One of the new pieces of document management software we will be looking forward to later this year is Xerox’s (news, site) new “smart document” review system. Users can gather around a large touch-sensitive table top display and sort documents merely by moving their fingers across the screen.

According to Xerox, which previewed a prototype just before Christmas, the interface is like an iPhone or smartphone touch screen -- but more than a 150 times larger.

The new software aims to help users quickly group similar documents. Documents can be put side-by-side for comparison, scaled up or down or piled in a corner of the table, just as real sheets of papers are placed on a real desk, but with all the capabilities of digital documents.

By simply pointing to a few relevant documents, the user “teaches” the system what information is important. The system then uses this knowledge to automatically categorize and sort millions of documents in a fraction of the time it takes to do so manually.

The research technology promises to significantly improve the document review process. The prototype system is going through a customer pilot phase before being further developed for commercialization. A full release date will be announced later this year. Want to find out more? Check out the video.

Oce Expands Managed Print Services

Document Management provider Océ (newssite) has also just announced the expansion its portfolio, this time with an expansion of its Managed Print Services (MPS) program to include the new MPS Express for SMBs and MPS Enterprise for mid to large-sized office environments.

The Océ MPS program is designed to help corporate office environments manage their printing network without having to invest in new printing hardware.

MPS Express is a simple print management program designed to help SMBs get started with MPS immediately. After a quick and simple assessment, Océ uses the MPS Express web-based tool to generate a program proposal, which includes pricing based on the users printing data and contract documents.

MPS Enterprise is a consultative engagement process designed for larger office environments. With this new process, Oce is offering companies tailor-made packages depending on the size and printing needs of the company.

While there are many companies that currently offer a number of different software packages for different sized companies, this one offers packages for individual enterprises.

It could also be a real market differentiator by extending clients’ print output resources and asset base, regardless of what vendor’s software they have installed.

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Adeptol Partners with GSoft

Adeptol (news, site) has also been busy streamlining its products. Over Christmas it announced that it had entered a partnership with content management and broadcast resource planning software vendor GSoft to provide its document viewer to GSoft’s Adendo CMS.

Adendo is a web based digital archiving, document management and workflow management solution with features for complete document collaboration and sharing.

The AJAX-based document viewer from Adeptol enables faster rendering and viewing of over 300 document formats, with a faster loading time and better user experience.

Adeptol Document Viewer offers an easy way to view documents directly from the server without downloading them locally on the client machine. As a result users can view documents directly in the browser more efficiently and not worry about installing or setting up desktop software’s.

Accentus on Acquisition Trail

And while it may have been the holiday season, the appetite for acquisitions just keeps growing. The first news came fromAccentus, which provides Integrated Medical Document Management Solutions to the Canadian healthcare industry and which announced the acquisition of two US-based transcription companies -- Florida-based ZyloMed and Illinois-based Transolutions.

Both are medical transcription companies and both come with extensive markets across the US. Terms of the deals were not publicized so we can’t really give you more on this.

While Accentus specializes in healthcare software, it is only natural that they should be looking at companies providing similar technologies. However, the acquisition does underline a growing tendency for companies to focus on one particular vertical. There’ll be a lot more on this in the New Year.

Vertonghen BuysPearlDoc

Another acquisition worth noting but with not a lot of detail as yet -- Enterprise content management vendor Vertonghen has announced that it has bought document capture provider PearlDoc. Vertonghen’s customers include enterprises that use a high-volume of document based transactions including banking and financials, insurance companies or legal companies.

PearlDoc’s document capture software will become a core component of Vertonghen’s Enterprise Document Management (EDM) system, which provides comprehensive capabilities for managing dynamic, transactional and historical content. This is another deal where details were not disclosed.