In a world of walled gardens and content silos, the Dropbox solution proved a simple yet mighty cloud based app, which launched four years ago, and grew to 45 million users, giving many their first introduction to cloud storage. But like most simple ideas, the utility grows when combined with the processing power of the net. Enter Dropbox Automator.  

Dropbox Automator offers the new ability to set bulk actions to documents placed in a folder, and became an instant hit with 10,000 users registered in less than 72 hours. But the cobbled-together code that emerged from the creative juices of a 2-day work session, and subsequent wager among friends, needed refinement, and that was announced this week by

Fixing the Big Security Risk

But Dropbox Automator came at a price, a big security risk that included granting full access to all Dropbox folders. This requirement kept the SaaS from going mainstream. The Dropbox Automator upgrade now allows restricted access to a user's single Dropbox folder rather than exposing all folders and files in Dropbox to the Wappwolf code. This upgrade can kick the door wide open to Automator document processing services -- for just about anyone.

Screen Shot 2012-02-17 at 7.26.42 AM.png

Another major upgrade includes improved conversions that rid the SaaS code of intermittent locks, glitches and hangs, a basic level improvement that makes the first version look more like beta code by comparison. 

Extended Uploader Support to Kindle eReader

The Wappwolf upgrade of Dropbox Automator also extends support to Kindle via Wi-Fi and Whispernet (careful, Amazon gets its nickel for use of Whispernet.) Other services include Google+ or Picasa and files to Automator converts documents to any one of the supported formats including: 

  • Convert to PDF
  • PDF to TXT
  • Google Docs Upload
  • Send to your Kindle
  • Slideshare Upload
  • E-Sign PDF
  • Convert eBook

Pictures can be uploaded to a plethora of web services including: 

  • Facebook Upload
  • Flickr Upload
  • Picasa / Google+ Upload
  • Downscale
  • Convert image
  • Rotate image
  • Write text on image
  • 30 photo effects
  • Stamp a logo
  • "Dislike"-Stamp 

Another big improvement is the processing power Wappwolf is placing behing the SaaS, up to 5X the processing is promised by the group that said most processing will be complete in less than 60 seconds (based on Internet connection speeds.) "We’ve increased capacity more than fivefold, and done a lot of optimizations. Now it’s all down to one minute and scales up nicely. What’s even better, we got some nice new features and will push out more by the week,” according to Mike Eisler, CEO of Wappwolf, published in a recent company blog.