Egnyte, a provider of cloud-based file sharing infrastructure, is releasing EgnytePlus, a platform and partnership program aimed at allowing users to create their own cloud-based file sharing infrastructure that integrates with existing IT investments.

Connecting the Cloud to the Enterprise 

According to Rajesh Ram, co-founder and VP of product management for Egnyte, the EgnytePlus platform is being released in response to the “wave of consumerization” sweeping across the business IT world. Ram explained Egnyte’s file-sharing infrastructure strategy in a phone conversation with CMSWire. 

Ram said file sharing is at the “forefront” of the consumerization trend in business IT, but while many companies have simply adopted one-off consumer file sharing solutions for use by certain end users, the IT department wants a scalable, secure cloud-based platform that can serve the whole enterprise and also integrate with existing on-premises solutions.

By offering the hybrid cloud EgnytePlus solution, Ram said Egnyte enables users to connect cloud-based file sharing and storage functionality with on-premises storage solutions and devices, including mobile devices.

Specifically, EgnytePlus lets users add cloud-based tiers including data sharing, replicating and archiving to traditional on-premises storage solutions. In addition, users can perform cloud-based tasks such as real-time online collaboration, file backup and sync and accessing of files from any on-premises or mobile device, from any location.

Mobile Access to Enterprise Content Causes Concern 

As reported by CMSWire in March 2012, the increasing proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise is creating concern among management. “IT executives are deeply concerned about the increasing trend of employees bringing in their own devices and using unauthorized cloud services to access and store sensitive data,” Rob Enderle, Principle Analyst for his namesake Enderle Group, told CMSWire at the time. “This creates a nasty situation where IT can't do their job of securing corporate information because users are bypassing them.”

EgnytePlus is designed to help control this problem and take advantage of “BYOD” without compromising security or stability of the content storage/sharing infrastructure.

EgnytePlus also features a partner program with certified storage vendors. Initial partners include IBM N-Series and DS-Series Storage, NetApp FAS Unified Storage, and NETGEAR ReadyNAS and NETGEAR ReadyDATA and Synology DiskStation.

Egnyte Takes Advantage of Financing 

While Egnyte has not publicly commented on whether EgnytePlus is a direct result, certainly the company’s US$ 16 million round of Series C Financing it received in July 2012 has given it more flexibility to release new solutions and form new partnerships.

As reported by Pando Daily, this round brought the company’s total financing to US$ 32 million. While this figure is what Pando Daily termed “a drop in the bucket compared to Dropbox and Box who have raised $257 million and $162 million respectively, each at reported billion dollar plus valuations,” since Egnye builds on top of these solutions, rather than directly competes with them, there may well be room for everyone to play nice togerther.