When Mainsoft (newssite) announced its new free Harmony solution that integrates SharePoint and Outlook, a lot of enterprises must have been interested, because now the company has launched an Enterprise Partner Program.

Preparing For Enterprise Launch

The initial launch of Harmony for SharePoint (and Harmony for Google Docs) was aimed at the general public. Harmony is a sidebar that integrates into Microsoft Outlook providing access to one of two very well known, and popular, collaboration environments: Google Apps and SharePoint.


Harmony for SharePoint

Now the company is focusing on delivering an enterprise grade solution to support those enterprises who do use Outlook and SharePoint. They have announced a new limited Partner Program for Harmony Enterprise.

The enterprise version of Harmony for SharePoint will include support for centralized download and management - great for large companies. The official launch is expected sometime before the end of the year. It's not clear at this time if there will be any additional capabilities for enterprise customers.

So to help them get ready for launch, they are looking for enterprises to test out the beta of the enterprise version. Participation in the beta gets you an enterprise license to test out in your organization and 50% off the cost to purchase the license when it officially launches. As a beta tester you also get to have your say on what future updates should be.

Interested? As part of the Enterprise Partner Program you will have a few responsibilities:

  • Distribute Harmony Enterprise Edition Beta to at least 2000 users within 60 days of joining the program
  • Provide technical product feedback
  • Provide feature/business feedback
  • Serve as a public reference for Harmony Enterprise Edition, including press release and case study participation

Still interested? Contact [email protected] or apply online. The program is available May 30 and initial deployments will roll out in June. Word is support for Outlook 2010 and SharePoint 2010 is close at hand.