K2, KnowledgeLake Extend SharePoint with Business Process Management

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K2, KnowledgeLake Partner for Sharepoint BPM, ECM Solutions
K2 and KnowledgeLake are now collaborating to offer ways for Microsoft SharePoint users to get the information they need for a task, within a business application. The two companies announced earlier this week their strategic partnership, integrating business process management (BPM) with enterprise content management (ECM) on the Microsoft platform.

Tom Postulka, KnowledgeLake Director of Business Development, said in a statement that “document management and business process management naturally go hand in hand together.” He added that the benefits of using SharePoint for document management and imaging “really accelerate when workflow is applied to document centric processes.”

Sample Scenario

The companies said that uses for their approach include Accounts Payable, Employee Onboarding, Contract Management and Insurance Claims. Integration with the well-established and popular SharePoint platform, they added, means that solutions can be readily implemented and administered, while remaining low-risk.

In a video on the K2 Website, a sample scenario involving Accounts Payable is provided to illustrate how K2’s BPM can integrate with KnowledgeLake’s ECM on SharePoint.

First, a hard-copy of an invoice is scanned and opened in the KnowledgeLake application within SharePoint. Individual elements, such as Product Description or Invoice Amount, can be selected and captured as data. This document then gets released into SharePoint, and the K2 Accounts Payable business process begins for managing internal review and document acceptance.

The K2 process assigns a given employee this review/acceptance task. The employee can reassign the task, track the process, or perform other related oversight functions. He decides to keep the assignment, and then opens the scanned invoice in the KnowledgeLake app. Other information and functions relating to the invoice are also available, such as possible actions or business information from other applications.

Learning Opportunities

About K2, KnowledgeLake

The document can be annotated, such as with comments, and, following the business process, a decision can be made to re-route the invoice. The task of invoice review is then removed from that employee’s K2 workflow. Similarly, other employees can see an integration of documents, surrounding information, and business process decisions and workflows.

K2, a division of SourceCode Technology Holdings, is based in Redmond, Washington. It provides a software platform for automating enterprise business processes, creating workflows in SharePoint, and integrating Microsoft-based solutions into business systems from SAP and others.

St. Louis, Missouri-based KnowledgeLake offers SharePoint ECM solutions for capturing documents managing electronic content. The company said that its solutions provide an extension of SharePoint’s ECM capabilities by reducing mailing costs, streamlining operations, and achieving regulatory compliance.

Together, these two companies are demonstrating how SharePoint is a platform that can be leveraged for a number of different business applications.

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