While the release date of KnowledgeLake’s (news, site) Imaging for SharePoint (IFS) only four days before Christmas may seem odd, the company explains that it did it so that customers would be able to use the new features straight away.

While there are a number of features that should appeal to those already using IFS, the inclusion of a Silverlight Document Viewer appears to be the principal feature that KnowledgeLake is trying to get out onto the market.

Silverlight And IFS 3.0

Originally intended for release with IFS for SharePoint 2010, it enables users to view common documents from SharePoint and will contain further upgrades when KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint 2010 is ready for release later in the year.

The Silverlight features alone include:

  • A viewer that enables users to view many common file formats from SharePoint including PDF, TIFF and Microsoft Office documents
  • View, access and modify SharePoint column properties based on SharePoint security
  • Choice between using Silverlight viewer or alternative viewer with no plug-ins
  • Immediate access to single identified pages within documents
  • Access to sections of documents without downloading entire document
  • Bookmarking specific sections of documents for access at any point in document lifecycle

It also allows users to mark and annotate documents just as they would with a paper-based document.

Additional Features

However, this is more than just a Silverlight release and comes with a couple of other features that are well worth a mention.

Document Encryption

In this respect, for the security conscious are the new document encryption abilities. IFS 3.0 enables users choose an area of a document and encrypt or decrypt that part of the document using a password.

What is really cool with this feature is that users do not have to keep an unencrypted copy of the document inside or outside of the system (although just because you don’t have to doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!).


And to the already extensive search abilities of IFS 3.0 they have added a thumbnail view in the search results.

More for SharePoint 2010

While KnowledgeLake may have ruined any surprise around IFS 3.0 and its ability to work with SharePoint, the company promises that there are more surprises in store when the SharePoint 2010 is finally released.

They haven’t said what to expect, but they have said that they intend to make it the most complete web-based document viewer on the market.

Not-so-tall an order when you consider the existing features, but maybe they would have got more bang for their buck if they had released all the SharePoint 2010 capabilities at the same time.