KnowledgeTree 3.7 Includes CMIS 1.0 Interface
In August, KnowledgeTree (news, site) announced their support for the upcoming CMIS specification. Now with the release of v3.7 of their document managment system, they put their support into action.

New Versions Abound

There are a few new releases coming out of KnowledgeTree: KnowledgeTree 3.7, Microsoft Office Add-In 1.1 and the alpha release of KnowledgeTree Explorer CP.

What's New in KnowledgeTree 3.7

  • Improved Performance: Runs up to 40% faster with the help of the Zend Optimizer (remember they recently moved to the Zend Server for better performance)
  • CMIS: Supports CMIS Draft 0.61 specification
  • Document Viewing: View Documents by clicking on thumbnails or selecting the Instant View preview feature
  • Microsoft Server Support: Including IIS6 and IIS7, and Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Installation and Setup: New installer packages and a Setup Wizard

In addition, KnowledgeTree 3.7 also supports OpenSearch and has been translated into several new languages including: Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

What's new in KnowledgeTree 3.7

KnowledgeTree Explorer CP

The Explorer CP is a cross platform desktop tool for dragging and dropping documents into the repository. It now works with Linux, Mac as an alpha release. KnowledgeTree is looking for feedback and comments on how it works.

Microsoft Office Add-In

An new version of the Microsoft Office Add-in has also been released. Version 1.1 now includes a date field, a rich-text field and the ability select multiple items to the document properties feature.

The Importance of Standards

Lots of good things in this latest version of KnowledgeTree. It's especially good to see another vendor, other than Alfresco, demonstrating the CMIS specification (even if it isn't the final one out for review).

In addition support for OpenSearch will help KnowledgeTree share search results across applications, further demonstrating cross platform and cross application support -- something that is becoming a normal request in organizations today.