Based on response to a recent article I wrote on document capture (see: 5 Key Considerations for Document Capture), it seems clear that many enterprises are only considering capture as an afterthought to the main ECM show. This week, however, KnowledgeTree (news, site) has extended its cloud capture options by teaming up with Fujitsu (news, site) for bulk scanning.

There’s not a lot of point of reiterating just how cheap document management in the cloud can be, but document management and bulk scanning through Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners in the cloud could have a dramatic effect on enterprise overheads.

And it is enterprises, or enterprise departments, with large paper processing needs that this solution is aimed at, particularly things like invoicing or mail room functions.

This will be enabled through KnowledgeTree’s Hot Folders interface, from which the whole document management element of the process can be managed and into which very high quality documents can be captured using Fujitsu technology.

This is not the first capture vendor KnowledgeTree has signed up with and there are a number of other third party applications also available through Hot Folders.

Before this, both Kofax Capture (news, site) and CAPSYS Capture signed up, the former a data capture solution for accurate data delivery, the latter offering users a way of managing their capture processes quickly and simply online.

KnowledgeTree and the Cloud

And KnowledgeTree as one of the first into the cloud has continued to develop its document management solution to support the growing number of enterprises who are looking for effective document management capabilities without the on-premise price.

Only recently it added integration as well as better security -- generally regarded as one of the main stumbling blocks to cloud migration -- while adding a number of enhancements to some of its major features. These included:

  • Creation of document-based business processes for specific tasks
  • Customization for specific industries using hierarchy templates
  • Better and more intuitive navigation with document update feeds

Fujitsu’s ScanSnap

As for Fujitsu, well they’ve been about for just about forever and are marking their 50th anniversary with the release of a special edition of ScanSnap scanners. No special features in this release -- unless you consider some fairly bizarre color schemes and effects special features! -- but the point here is just how much Fujitsu are pushing these scanners.

Given the predictions of an all-round boom in IT spending across SMBs this year, pushing ScanSnap is a smart move given that they really fit into small environments quite nicely and also come with mobile document imaging solutions.

So in any equation written in the past two years and based on enterprise economics, small scanner + cloud document management = large market share, or at least some very nice business.

If you ware interested in trying this out, it might be worth looking into it now as KnowledgeTree is offering anyone who signs up to evaluate it, a US$ 50 rebate on Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners. It’s not a lot, but it’s probably better in your pocket than in anyone else’s.