Open source document management vendor Nuxeo, today released new versions of Nuxeo Document Management(DM) 5.4.2 and its underlying Enterprise Platform. The latest updates  include user experience enhancements and severalnew features. And, as is the Nuxeo way -- it was strongly driven bycommunity feedback.

Embracing Open Standards

Nuxeo has long provided an open source enterprise content management platform with a focus on extensibility and modularity, and heavily driven by developer needs and community feedback. The platform’s architecture allows use in a broad range of solutions ranging from the current release’s focus of document management to other packages like digital asset management and case management. The latest release does not divert from this formula.

Nuxeo Document Management 5.4.2, includes an extensive line of components that embrace open standards. The list includes OpenSocial, OAuth, HTML5 (of course), WebDAV and CMIS.

Nuxeo Document Management -- The Personal Dashboard 

Integrating Document Management with the Desktop

This Nuxeo DM release sports a certified WSS Connector extension for the platform. The new connector enables seamless integration with both Windows and Mac desktop environments. It was developed in collaboration with Nuxeo's Icelandic partner Gagnavarslan.

"We are building a range of Enterprise CMS services based on Nuxeo, and our clients need a smooth desktop integration into an existing Microsoft Windows infrastructure," said Jónas Sigurðsson, Development Manager at Gagnavarslan in Iceland. "Our group of developers in reverse engineered the existing WSS protocol to support Windows 7, Windows XP and the latest MS Office versions directly in Nuxeo EP."

Feature Fun for Everyone

Learning Opportunities

Though considered a relatively minor release, Nuxeo DM version 5.4.2 includes enough new features to keep your team busy -- no breaks for Angry Birds. The platform now boasts:

  • Support for the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) OpenSocial container, which makes the dashboard faster and provides more layout options
  • Full OpenSocial integration
  • Full OAuth support which allows Nuxeo DM gadget creators to host them in external services like iGoogle
  • HTML5 Drag n’ Drop
  • A rearranged user interface that Nuxeo hopes provides a better user experience and easier accessibility to commonly used features like the document management center and dashboard

Administrators and integrators not managing UI components are also getting a bag of new tricks. Enhancements include:

  • Local configuration -- no longer are users restricted to universal application. We all know global variables are rarely good and universal pretty much means the same thing right? Users can now configure document types, themes and content views for a specific domain or workspace.
  • New CMIS system interface properties
  • Enhancements for management of content views, the elements needed to get a list of items and perform their rendering

Additional details regarding the release are available on the Nuxeo Developer’s Blog, for those who prefer play-by-play release knowledge. Delivering these features was obviously hard work for many of the contributors.

General Availability, Now

Nuxeo DM 5.4.2 is in general availability now, and can be downloaded free of charge from Nuxeo’s site. The DM-curious out there have the option of a Windows, Linux or Mac install, or a pre-configured virtual appliance for VMWare or VirtualBox-compatible environments.

For those that lack the patience to do an install of the software, Nuxeo offers an instant preview with an online trial version.