Almost exactly a year ago LinearCube (news, site) launched its Alfresco-based document management solution for the SMB market. Recently it has extended that software with the launch of ContentCube Dedicated (CCD), which comes enhanced software and customizable features for large businesses and service providers.

While CCD is a bit pricier at US$ 1700 per month than SaaS DM ContentCube Shared there is somewhat of a difference in that CCD offers online document storage and management to large enterprises as well as offering service providers document management capabilities they in turn can offer to their clients using dedicated servers.

As you might expect, this means that CCD comes with extended storage and upgraded technical support, but it also comes with the document management features that were originally introduced with LinearCube.

ContentCube Dedicated offers all the storage and sharing options of the Shared software, but with expanded storage, customizable features and upgraded technical support. The new version also comes with MS Outlook integration.

LinearCube SaaS Document Management

If you haven’t heard much about LinearCube it’s probably because it is a relatively new company and only introduced its first document management solution in January last year. It has two principal lines of business both of which are based around Alfresco including an Alfresco-SAP Enterprise solution and the SaaS document management software.

Features of the document management solution include:

  • Office Integration: Integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint — check-in/check-out directly in Office.
  • Workflows: Includes out of the box workflow for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Time and Expense processes; Customized approval workflows.
  • Document Types: Define custom document types and associated attributes, a document type can include multiple documents.
  • Versioning: Definable version scheme, full versioning with rollback and purge capability.
  • Collaboration: Document tagging, comments, discussions and share via email, subscription notifications.

Along with these capabilities, you also have keyword and full text search, and the ability to upload entire file directories to the DMS via a desktop shared drive.

In fact, just about everything you might expect of Alfresco DM software, which enables users to capture, share and retain content as well as enabling users to version, search and simply build their own content applications.

On top of this LinearCube also built a number of capabilities including lifecycle management and document activity logs.

ContentCube Dedicated Features

Add to this then, the new capabilities of CCD. Apart from the price, there are a considerable number of additional features for extended enterprises. At first glance the most notable of those differences is that this is a system for unlimited users as well as 250GB of storage.

The 250GB is hosted on a dedicated enterprise server -- hosted and managed through IT services provider SunGuard -- which is regularly updated and backed-up and includes rapid content recovery if necessary.

Aligned with this is that users can create customized branding through templates that are specific to their industry or clients while offering CCD as a service to their own clients along with add-on services, like optical character recognition.

Another useful feature is Outlook integration that enables users to access all their content from a folder in Outlook or, alternatively, enables access to Outlook from CCD from where they can email any content out of CCD. With AD/LDAP integration users can use it through a single log-in to the corporate network.

Finally companies that sign up will get 10 hours of training for administrators and end users as well as guaranteed four hour response to support requests.