Litéra Launches Litéra Live for Cloud Document Lifecycle Management
With Litera Live, Litera’s  (news, site) cloud-based solution for easy-to-use document lifecycle management, anyone anywhere is able to compare documents, clean document metadata and extract PDF files to Microsoft Word efficiently.

Via a desktop widget called the Communicator, users can access this online document management solution or they can work from the browser directly. Litéra Live offers users several management options, including the ability to: 

  • Compare all Microsoft Office and native PDF documents, including complex Microsoft Word documents with embedded objects and images.
  • Remove metadata from all Microsoft Office and PDF documents to protect sensitive information and privacy.
  • Convert any printable document into a PDF file.
  • Extract native PDF documents to Microsoft Word for editing operations.
  • Download resulting files or have them sent to an email account.

Litera Communicator.jpg

Introducing the Litera Live Desktop Widget, Communicator

Litera's Lifecycle

Litéra Live is suited for organizations that want to integrate document lifecycle management processes into their systems environment but don’t want the security challenges or risks associated with desktop software deployment, provisioning or management. Users don’t necessarily care where the comparison is taking place, just that it’s easily to do so when and where they want. Using the cloud to manage documents can improve productivity, while making it easier to get things done.

Litera Live.jpg

Litera Live gives users many cloud-based solutions to manage, compare, and convert documents

Law Firms & Mobile Information Workers

Favored by law firms and corporations, Litéra Live strives to increase access and efficiency for document management processes. In addition, as mobile information workers begin to dominate the workplace, Litéra Live caters to their needs by allowing access to document lifecycle management from anywhere with a simple Internet connection.

Litéra Live is available; new members can sign up for a free trial account. Unlimited usage licenses are also available for US$ 14 per month per user and volume pricing is available for enterprise-level accounts.