Open source document management vendor, Logical Objects (news, site), has announced an upgrade to both the community and commercial addition of its LogicalDOC software, which comes with a completely redesigned interface and a new Drop Spot feature for pulling content into the system.

Logical Objects already includes capabilities like document import from remote folders, WebDAV, a search engine that is one of the software's strongest points and versioning. However, this new version -- version 6.0 -- the company says is a milestone in the evolution of LogicalDOC, with the interface based on Google Web ToolKit (GWT). The Google Web Toolkit is an open source development framework for building browser-based applications.

Building on GWT

By building the interface on GWT it has greatly simplified complex operations, which combined with the use of other open source technologies like Spring and Hibernate, the system is more scalable and can be applied across organizations of any size.

Furthermore, by using GWT, overall performance of the system has been greatly improved -- the company says -- and gives it a more cloud-orientated approach, which is probably a good thing, given the fact that it already offers a SaaS edition.

There are two LogicalDOC editions -- an Open Source Community Edition (CE) and a Commercial Enterprise Edition -- both of which have benefited from the upgrades. However, there are three new elements that the company is highlighting.

New Interface

A completely redesigned user interface that enables users to work as they would in a desktop environment. The objective in redesigning the interface was to make it as simple as possible to use, which it has done by including all commonly used metaphors.

Logical Object 6.0_Interface.jpg

LogicalDOC v6.0 interface

Drop Spot

The new Drop Spot feature is exactly that. It enables users to drag documents from the desktop and drop them directly into LogicalDOC, enabling easy upload of any number of files into the system.

Office Add-In

Another feature to make it easier to use is the new Microsoft Office add-in, which integrates LocgicalDoc with Office and is easy to install on a PC. With it, users can open office documents stored in LogicalDOC directly in your Office application. LogicalDOC will take care of the versioning and check-out/check-in operations.

LogicalDoc_6.0_Office Admin.jpg

New Office Add-in

LogicalDOCs Document Management

While Logical Objects says that this release is a significant one for them, it comes on top of an already extensive and versatile system built on a Spring/Hibernate/JSF stack, which includes many other features that have been added as the software has evolved.

Version 6.0 ranges in price from US$ 1000 for the basic (but extensive) package to US$ 2000 for the enterprise premium edition. The SaaS edition is priced based on disk space needed and the number of users.