It's barely officially here, but SharePoint 2010 (newssite) has a lot of supportive partners lined up behind it, and Microsoft has opened a SharePoint 2010 Solutions Gallery to prove it.

And The Partner List Goes On

SharePoint 2010 was barely out the door last week when a number of vendors came forward announcing their product's support for the latest version. Open Text, KnowledgeLake, Hyland and Webtrends are just some of the vendors we covered. But there are a lot more.

In fact, there are so many, Microsoft opened the SharePoint Solution Gallery to help you find the partner solution you need. Some of the categories of solutions include content management, business intelligence, mobility, data integration and social computing.

Microsoft states on the website that this is just a sampling of "leading" partner solutions. You can get the entire list at PinPoint.


SharePoint Solutions Gallery

In fact, vendors have been announcing their support for SharePoint 2010 for quite awhile now, so you know Microsoft was helping many of them out with early looks at the new architecture and functionality.

What is the Level of Support?

I think the important thing to keep in mind when you are looking at partner solutions is whether or not this support takes advantage of the new functionality in SharePoint 2010.

Some vendors have made sure their existing solutions will run on the 2010 version of the platform, but they haven't yet taken advantage of new functionality. You will want to know exactly how its supported before you reach out and buy it.