Expect to hear a lot about workflows this week. Info360 will be chockful of business solutions and initiatives designed to streamline and improve the processes that manage the way we work, communicate and make money within the enterprise.

One of the first announcements made by companies attending Info360 comes from InfoPrint Solutions, which will be among the vendors featured as a part of the On Demand, info360’s partner conference focused on transformational technologies for the digital publishing and printing industry.

Managing an Automated Document Factory

InfoPrint Solutions, a leading provider of digital output solutions (and formerly IBM Printing Systems Division) has launched Managed Automated Document Factory (ADF) Services, a managed print workflow solution designed to provide companies with security and reliability via one point of control. In other words, ADF helps customers control, track and report on the entire print production process.

ADF is particularly useful for customers within compliant industries, who print transactional documents, which contain sensitive and private information, such as statements, bills and explanations of benefits, as they can be assured that documents will be sent within a auditable production print environment.


InfoPrint ADF is built on InfoPrint ProcessDirector workflow automation software

Managed ADF is built on InfoPrint’s ProcessDirector workflow automation software and is offered as a cloud-based solution designed to support print-to-mail processes. Accessible by any authorized operator using a web browser inside the network, ADF’s services-led workflow approach aims to reduce labor costs for maintenance and administration and business continuity capabilities.

Maintain Control, Improve Production

For many companies, print is still a primary channel for document delivery. Because of compliance and regulatory guidelines, the process can become costly and labor-intensive. Thanks to ADF, though, companies have a viable and affordable option by which to maintain operational control while enjoying a streamlined workflow design.