MetaVis (news, site) has consistently provided tools to support the migration to and management of information for SharePoint. This is no different with the release today of MetaVis Information Manager for SharePoint 2010.

Getting Data Into SharePoint Correctly

As more documents and other information is moved to SharePoint 2010, the critical key becomes moving it to right location with the right metadata and classifications, and doing it as quickly and easily as possible.  That is what Information Manager is designed to do. It's also nice that it integrates directly into SharePoint 2010's ribbon, so you can work directly in SharePoint the entire time.


MetaVis Information Manager

What does the Information Manager enable?

  • Copy content between sites, collections or document libraries
  • Bulk import documents from file shares, maintaining the metadata on those documents
  • Reclassifying content during the migration process and/or remap metadata fields to SharePoint metadata columns
  • Change content types for multiple documents/items at once

Having the ability to work from within SharePoint and on more than one document/item at a time speeds the migration and classification process.


MetaVis Information Manager Bulk Upload

Information Manager is a combination of the Cloud Classifier introduced in October of last year and some additional capabilities -- namely the bulk import feature, and move content between different SharePoint locations.

Migrating to Office365

Earlier this month, MetaVis released a new migration tool to support organizations migrating from SharePoint Online/on premise to Office 365, Microsoft's newest cloud services. The MetaVis Office 365 Migrator works for all versions of SharePoint and migrates metadata along with the actual content. It is currently free, but not for much longer, so be sure to check it out.