Microsoft Puts OneDrive on the Apple Watch

Microsoft is offering OneDrive support for the new Apple Watch.

The new version of OneDrive appeared in the Apple store yesterday. According to the blurb on the Apple store page, it offers users the ability to access and delete OneDrive photos right from their wrists, as well as view albums and find photos by tag.

Lukewarm Reaction

OneDrive is Microsoft’s file hosting service that allows users to upload and sync files to a cloud storage and access them from a web browser or local device. Part of the suite of online services formerly known as Windows Live, it allows users to keep the files private, share them with contacts or make the files public.

However, Forrester researcher Anjali Lai, who wrote the report on the Apple Watch last November told us reactions to the new release have been lukewarm at best. "Social listening data indicates that awareness is relatively minimal among mainstream consumers, and sentiments around Microsoft's announcement are mildly positive," she said.

Microsoft, she added, doesn’t have the brand awareness that Apple has and that some users may be concerned about functionality. She continued:

Microsoft doesn't have a brand halo like Apple does, and doesn't spark comparable reaction outside of small groups of tech-lovers. But this also suggests that Microsoft's success in this case will come down to functionality — the brand itself won't have a polarizing effect, but if and when consumers perceive the digital experience to be convenient, intuitive and valuable in the moment, users will be likely to leverage the platform.”

Getting Better

This latest version of OneDrive is v5.3. While reviews on the site suggest that users of OneDrive for iOS believe the app is getting better, it seems there is still work to be done. One reviewer pointed to problems with photo uploading consistency, while another pointed out that there were still cache issues.

2015 4 21 OneDrive for Apple Watch comment.jpg

That said, this latest addition does seem to bear out Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s vision of a Microsoft that goes across all platforms with some of the most commercially important Microsoft apps like Office landing on iPad and Android since he took over reins.

Microsoft also released support for PowerPoint on Apple Watch, which will enable users to control slide shows from their wrists.