It’s been a big week for Google. From Google Wave, to the Chrome web store, to more developer storage, to its business addition of the Google App Engine, it seems like there’s a little bit for everyone to enjoy -- including Nordic River (news, site).

This week the company behind TextFlow and its tools for document review and collaborative writing, announced the launch of TextFlow for the Google Apps Marketplace. Now, users can integrate the TextFlow app into GoogleDocs allowing them full user control over multiple writer contributions. 

Text Flow + Google Docs

TextFlow offers up a host of tools designed to gather and review text input from colleagues, partners and clients, by letting users visualize the edits and additions made so that they can best choose the best contribution.

TextFlow is available by subscription for US$ 99.00 with a 14-day free trial, and also offers academic pricing starting at US$ 49, with but undergraduates gaining access for free.

Once installed, Google Apps users can immediately start using TextFlow by launching it from the universal navigation menu, needing only to select a document to review to get started.


Collaborative Competition on the Cloud

The Google Apps Marketplace for the enterprise is overflowing with products designed to improve document management, project management, and workflow, among others. Nordic River is proud to join the mix and hopes that TextFlow will stand out among the growing number of workers on the Google cloud.

Luckily the cloud is all about seamless collaboration, something Nordic River knows a thing or two about. By making its product available through Google’s marketplace, they’ve extended their reach and their audience and have made the collaboration landscape a lot more interesting.