Open source enterprise content management platform provider Nuxeo and open source document capture provider Ephesoft have announced a partnership that will enable users to automate document management workflows starting with capturing the document.

Filing Papers? That’s So Old-School

Like flying cars, the paperless office is one of those things that hasn’t been adopted on the scale that the available technology would suggest is possible. Despite the existence of sophisticated content management, workflow and e-signature solutions, much of what we do at the office is still on paper.

Nuxeo and Ephesoft, however, are striving to make end-to-end document automation a reality. The two companies have introduced an open source connector that allows content captured by a source such as email, fax or scanner with Ephesoft’s software to flow into Nuxeo’s content management platform.

Ephesoft’s software doesn’t just capture the document as an image, but separates and extracts the content. Using the connector, users can create one efficient, unified process instead of retyping the content or worse -- automating some parts of a process and storing other parts physically. Implementing the connector could reduce the time, effort, cost and errors associated with including content that is initially  in physical documents as part of document management processes. This becomes even more valuable when we consider that metadata can then be applied to make content even more useful.

Embracing the business model of both organizations, the connector is open source. The team also decided to perform the integration using the relatively new content management interoperability standard (CMIS) standard, which should make it easier to integrate in existing enterprise technology portfolios. Further, if customers wish to use a different document capture provider, they should be able to reuse existing custom development because Nuxeo and Ephesoft elected to adopt open standards for the integration.

Getting the Nuxeo/Ephesoft Connector

In addition to being open source and CMIS-compliant, the connector is cloud-based like the larger Ephesoft and Nuxeo platforms. Offering the solution as a service will allow users to leverage the integration without significant technical overhead.

If you are interested in learning more about the Nuxeo/Ephesoft integration, Nuxeo will be holding a webinar on September 14. Alternatively, you could skip that pesky learning phase and jump right in. The offering is available as a service now by contacting either company.