Open source enterprise content management (ECM) provider Nuxeo has long focused on supporting its user community with features that make development and implementation easier. The company is continuing the tradition with its latest move to support Ubuntu for its Document Management platform.

Enhanced ECM Support for Ubuntu Operating System

Today Nuxeo announced that Nuxeo Document management is available for Ubuntu. Use of the Linux-based Ubuntu server has grown consistently over the last several years. Nuxeo has partnered with Canonical to ensure that organizations choosing Ubuntu can easily install, upgrade and customize Nuxeo’s tools. Nuxeo hopes the enhanced support will make it easier for organizations with content management needs and that have elected to use the Ubuntu Linux distribution to incorporate open source into their technology portfolio.

Today’s announcement isn’t the first endeavor with Ubuntu. The company’s Enterprise Platform previously supported Ubuntu. However, now that the popularity of the Ubuntu Linux distribution continues to increase across Nuxeo’s customer base and within the company itself, Nuxeo felt that enhancing support with a specialized distribution would make the platform acquisition, installation and support process more efficient. This distribution joins several other Nuxeo products like Nuxeo Studio, Nuxeo Marketplace and Nuxeo Connect portal that make development using the Nuxeo platform quicker.

Good For Cloud Deployments

Nuxeo’s new Ubuntu distribution may be a good option for large ECM cloud deployments. In fact, the distribution is currently leveraged by Nuxeo as a component of its cloud offering. Nuxeo users and partners that use a different Linux distribution don’t need to be concerned that Nuxeo is leaving them in the cold. Nuxeo will continue support for a number of open source and proprietary operating systems, including the Debian distribution.

Nuxeo isn’t working in isolation. The company is hoping that the Debian and Ubuntu communities that have important experience packaging and running applications on a variety of Linux servers and for large user communities will contribute. Those interested are encouraged to develop applications and add-ons for the Nuxeo ECM platform.