At Nuxeoworld 2013, we got a peek at the coming year, which promises to be a busy one yet again. We were also given a quick look at its roadmap over the next 12 months and where Nuxeo says it would like to be by this time next year.

Nuxeo in 2014

While CEO Eric Barroca told us this morning that the company hasn’t decided whether the next big move will be to v5.10, or whether it will make the full jump to v6.0, from a slide at this afternoon’s presentation it is clear that this will not be an issue until at least late next year.

The slide points to the release of v5.9.7 sometime in October, which will include a new user interface that will simplify the process of accessing the millions of documents that some clients are storing in Nuxeo.

Nuxeo Roadmap and Development Timeline.jpg

Between now and then, there are a number of very clear release dates and goals which, even if they are not all achieved, will still result in some impressive developments over the next 12 months.

But hang on a minute… did we say millions of documents. We really meant 100s of millions of documents, because this is the kind of scale that Nuxeo is now talking about.

To manage that volume, Nuxeo says it has introduced over the past year a whole pile of new features and plug-ins, many of which we have taken a deeper look at. But just to recap on some of them:

  • Nuxeo DAM and Studio are now tightly integrated.
  • Nuxeo Drive gave users access to content everywhere, whenever they want it.
  • A number of new features were added to the workflow engine, including escalation roles, automation, simplified REST API.
  • The developed an Outlook plug-in.
  • Added tags in search screens.

And a whole bunch of other cool stuff that gave users easier and quicker access to their content. Indeed, in his keynote this morning Barroca underlined the importance Nuxeo are placing on this and said that it will continue to improve the user experience over the coming year.

Customer-driven Upgrades

The drive to provide these improvements are the result of an analysis of the kind of content that Nuxeo customers are storing.

Unsurprisingly, when you’re talking document loads in the 100s of millions you’d expect a wide range of material, and sure enough it’s all there.

It is now storing and managing everything from case management files, to access authorizations, to broker transactions, customer information, transaction information, and so on.

On top of this there is a whole range of processes that are carried out across the platform including content validation, asset distribution, project collaboration and regulatory control among others.

The result is that the platform has to keep expanding to manage and provide not just content, but also to enable all those processes. In sum, for many of its customers, the Nuxeo repository is where they keep their valuable data.

Nuxeo Roadmap

In general terms, the Nuxeo roadmap is designed to ensure that Nuxeo customers are able to access content, as well as work with that content.

In practical terms, this means that over the coming year it will streamline its API to ensure that access to the repository is quick and simple. To cater for the 100s of millions of documents that are now stored there, it will be introducing large batch document processes as well as concurrency detection, which is just about essential when you are talking about this amount of content.

Nuxeo is also looking to introduce advanced content authoring, which will enable users to open several documents at the same time for easy comparison and editing.

For social, Nuxeo says it will be looking at developing integrated social features as opposed to adding them as plug-ins, while for mobile it will be looking at developing a more complete set of features.

While it is also planning to do more work around workflows, Nuxeo says it is waiting for feedback from its community on existing workflow functionality before proceeding any further, but it does expect to work on this over the next year.

As the slide above shows, it is an ambitious program, but everyone here seems certain that it can all be achieved.