Open source document management vendor Nuxeo (news, site) has announced a new version of Nuxeo Studio, their SaaS tool that allows developers to quickly configure Nuxeo’s Enterprise Platform (EP) applications. The latest version aims to further offload configuration concerns, leaving developers free to focus on building content-centric applications.

New Nuxeo Studio, New Features

Nuxeo has long been dedicated to open source and providing tools focused on making the lives of architects, designers and developers easier. The latest release of the Nuxeo Studio doesn’t divert from that recipe. The hosted Nuxeo Studio includes a new template library that lowers the learning curve for customizing solutions such as workflow and document types.

The latest release of Nuxeo Studio, version 2.1, includes a number of new features based on feedback from existing Nuxeo studio users. Notable new features include:

  • Project validation: checks the consistency of configured features and ensures they reference existing elements to avoid post deployment issues.
  • Renaming: automatically applies component name changes globally.
  • Application templates: import and modify sample templates, such as workflows and document types, rather than reinventing the wheel. Ensure validity with the renaming and project validation features above.
  • User Interface improvements: multiple improvements to the user interface look and feel as well as navigation changes based on feedback from users.
  • Additional user action placeholders: create and edit forms have been improved with additional graphical locations for action buttons, and the document type summary now also allows for action buttons in any location on a page.
  • Leverage domain-level configuration, with advanced search forms and themes.
  • Hot reload: improvements have been made to this feature that enables a one-click upload and install of Studio projects in a Nuxeo application, without requiring the application be restarted.
  • Content views: configure the filter feature that is new with Nuxeo Document Management 5.4.2. A new CSV export of the content view is also now available.
  • New operations and widgets have been added to the default libraries.

Ready in Nuxeo Connect

Nuxeo Studio is available to Nuxeo Connect subscribers on the Connect portal. Nuxeo Connect is Nuxeo’s subscription service that provides software maintenance, support and hosted design and monitoring environments for any content application designed and deployed with the Nuxeo technology.

The update to Nuxeo Studio will be applied automatically. Potential users that do not subscribe to Nuxeo Connect can download a 30-day fully functional free trial.

Additional details on Nuxeo Studio 2.1 are available on the product page on the Nuxeo site.