Just as it said it would do at Nuxeo World in Paris last month, Nuxeo has announced the release of version 5.8, the first long-term support version on the new release cycle it announced earlier this year. While there are many new features here, improvements in workflow, content synchronization and REST APIs are what make this release stand out.

Nuxeo Release Cycle

According to Nuxeo, this version supersedes previous versions and is the production version developers and users should be working on now.

Nuxeo v5.8 workspace.jpg

Nuxeo v5.8 workspace

As the culmination of the most recent fast track release cycle, which pulls together fast track releases from the past few months, there is nothing new here to those who have been working on the Nuxeo Platform in the past year.

Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroca explained at Nuxeo World that the idea behind the fast track cycle, which consists of two fast track releases followed by a long-term release, is to enable users to access improvements faster.

It also means Nuxeo is able to control what products its customers are using. In the past, Nuxeo found its customers were often using different versions.

Nuxeo v5.8

This release focuses on improvements’ to Nuxeo’s REST API, DAM module, Nuxeo Drive, Workflow engine and user experience. It also comes with a task resolution tab in the shape of a dedicated screen that enables users to solve problems while staying focused on the workflow. However, there are three main improvement areas:

  • Rest API: The REST APIs are designed for direct use with JavaScript or other scripting languages, enabling fast development of content-centric web applications. It corresponds with Nuxeo’s move to make it easier to access the platform remotely. It has also released several new endpoints for for documents, users and groups, on top of the new resources that were introduced during the fast track release.
  • Workflow engines: Enhanced support for designing adaptive workflows, with rule-based escalation and a new task management service.
  • Monitoring: A new set of metrics services that include application monitoring and metrics collection using the Yammer Metrics library. It also includes integration with most metrics storage systems.

This new version of the Nuxeo Platform offers the increased flexibility and easy access that developers and product managers need for building business applications to manage structured content,” Barroca said of the new release.

There are many more features like a new, highly configurable media asset navigation user interface for Digital Asset Management applications and enhanced user experience with saved search.

Nuxeo v6.0?

Where Nuxeo goes after this remains to be seen, but it did publish a comprehensive roadmap for the year ahead. At Nuxeo World, Barroca also said that they still had not decided whether the next release would move up a full point to v6.0, or whether it would continue the fast track cycle in version 5.

Nuxeo Roadmap and Development Timeline.jpg

Nuxeo 2014 roadmap

In any case, whatever Nuxeo decides, the next long-term release will be an interesting one and one to watch out for, although it is likely that this will not be until late next year. Nuxeo Platform 5.8 is available for download now, with a 30-day free trial of Nuxeo Connect, which provides a portal for easy maintenance and upgrades, and Nuxeo Studio.