Germany-based Microsoft partner PROVOX System Planning has announced that they have joined forces with US-based PaperWise as an OEM partner. The move is notable as the PROVOX partnership will aggressively extend the European market for the PaperWise document management and collaboration system. "One of the reasons they wanted to partner with us is because of our flexibility," Dan Murrill, PaperWise Manager of Strategic Partner Relationships, says. "Marrying the PaperWise software with their meeting and planning software will really bring them to a new level of organization." PROVOX will be selling the system under its own brand name and the tag "Powered by PaperWise" as an OEM partner. How did this all come about? Well, last summer, Markus Vogt, PROVOX owner, took a trip to Dallas to meet with Dan Langhofer, PaperWise President and CEO, and other PaperWise team members. "The visits gave us a real good feel of how highly their customer base regards them," Murrill says. Within a few months of that meeting, the software's interface, as well as some marketing materials, were translated into German. For the time being, PROVOX will be implementing PaperWise with their current customer darabase, and has plans to expand beyond that shortly, targeting other European countries, including Austria and Switzerland. As of now, they provide solutions to more than 500 communities with their planning software. The software allows users to "effectively coordinate appointments, availability, and meeting spaces. Existing hardware or software such as cell phones and servers can be quickly integrated with PROVOX. Regardless of the input device, a record of usage is immediately available from the database to staff with access permissions." PaperWise has been in the business of corporate document management since 1988, and is an "enterprise document management and workflow solutions manufacturer focused on providing adaptable and scalable solutions to clients ranging from small firms to Fortune 1000 companies." They are based in Springfield, Missouri.