In September, Coveo made IDC’s list of innovative information access vendors for its enterprise search capabilities. Since then, Coveo has been hard at work updating and adding functionalities to the Coveo Platform. Today it released version 6.5, which features dynamic, personalized and interactive business analytics and dashboards.

More Information, Better Decisions

Because enterprise search needs to be both functional and effective, Coveo’s dashboards are built to give departments information that allow them make better, more informed business decisions based on real-time information.


The account console offers a framework for new user customization. Dashboards within the console present summaries of relevant content for the user.

With Coveo’s dashboard widgets, users can have access to a unified view of the information they need, across a number of repositories. By combining two layers -- the Unified Indexing Layer and the Access Interface Layer -- users can have access to information from enterprise systems through a variety of interfaces, from a Desktop Floating Search Bar to personalized dashboards.

Dynamic Analysis and Collaboration

Accessibility is just part of Coveo’s latest release. Platform 6.5 also caters to providing reliable search results and analysis. Coveo introduced its SmartFacets technology, which can dynamically compute sums, averages, minimum and maximum values, as well as numerical ranges, for facet values. Additionally, users can produce graphical views based on the computation results, offering 360-degree views for customer service, sales, marketing and operations.


Coveo SmartFacets, a new feature in the 6.5 release, provides numerical and graphical summaries of important data, such as consolidated contract amounts for sales, marketing or service.

Such views also provide the opportunity for collaboration at multiple levels. Managers and executives can learn about customer relationships and satisfaction from instant account visibility, which they can manage in real time rather than spending time and money with manual reporting.

Companies have massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. Coveo aims to transform this data into relevant, dynamic and personalized information, helping companies make faster, more informed business decisions across departments.