are 9 Releases SmartSearch 2.3 With Capture Workflow Upgrades
Connecticut-based Square 9 Softworks (news, site)  has announced that it has upgraded the image capture function in the recently released v2.3 of its SmartSearch Content Management Suite. With the promise that there is a whole pile of improvements coming in 2010, the company says the current upgrade is in direct response to requests from its client base.

There are other improvements, some of them quite interesting in their own right, but Square 9 expects the Capture Workflow improvements to catapult this scalable enterprise content management system right up there with the really big boys and offer an attractive alternative for both SMBs and Fortune 100 companies.

Scheduled v2.3 Release

The releases of v2.3 was a scheduled release and the company seems to be immensely proud of the new Capture Workflow abilities.

Capture Workflow is a drag and drop design tool for image processing and will come as a standard feature with all SmartSearch core products.

Some of the new abilities will be particularly interesting for those that deal not only with heavy volumes of documentation, but that deal with documentation that contains a large number of graphics.

Those features include:

  • Automatic image improvement on capture with de-skew, de-speckle and auto-crop features
  • Batch scanning of documents with barcode recognition abilities
  • Importation of entire files by name and multi indexing and parsing abilities
  • Automatic importation of files

Capture Workflow.jpg

Capture Workflow

Version 2.3 also comes with the couple of optional features including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) including the ability to create OCR-based templates to extract data from images with similar data structures. And users can also benefit from an automatic PDF creator, which creates PDFs as they enter the system.

.NET Platform

SmartSearch itself, which is built on the .NET platform, uses an open architecture that stores documents in their original format. This means stored documents can be accessed by users exactly as they were built with no alterations.

Combining this open file format with Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 database engine, it can be integrated into any other database in the company and provides a platform for easy data exchange.

While the company has not indicated what other features they will be adding next year, it will be interesting to see the reaction from their clients to the Capture Workflow enhancements.