Think Dropbox Isnt Serious About the Enterprise Think Again

And though many EFSS solutions provide document previews that are accessible via a mobile device, they can still be hard to work with.

Dropbox knew this, that’s why today it's releasing a new Android app that the company says will make the “Dropbox mobile app experience as fast, seamless and efficient as possible.” That way you can get your work done on the spot, wherever you happen to be.

Taking the Pain Out of Search

It’s probably safe to say that many Dropbox users have hundreds, if not thousands, of files in their file sharing accounts. If you’re like me, you’re likely to want to store everything there, almost without thinking, that way you won’t have the “would have, should have’s” when you need access.

But all too often finding that file isn’t such an easy task. That’s why Dropbox gave its search experience on Android phones a big facelift and functionalities that make it easier to work with.


According to Dropbox, they include:

  • Scoping of searches. You can limit your search to either a specific folder or your entire Dropbox.
  • Tracking recent searches: Dropbox helps you stay organized by tracking your recent searches (both in a specific folder or your entire Dropbox).
  • Type-ahead suggestions: Save yourself a little bit of time or jog your memory with a list of real-time search suggestions as you type out your query.
  • Highlighting of search terms: To make sure you don’t miss a thing, Dropbox will highlight the letters within file or folder names as you type in your search.

Building Momentum

Dropbox for Business teams, who are participating in the early access program, will soon be able to set view-only permissions on shared folders as well.

The new version of Dropbox for Android will be rolling out in the Play Store over the next several hours, according to an email received from the company.

For those who have signed up for early releases in your Android device settings, you can download it from your device notifications now.

Is this a big deal? If you access Dropbox for Business from an Android phone, it’s a major convenience. Enough to delight me for a few weeks. After that, I’ll take it for granted, like the functionalities that have always been there. What’s special gets taken for granted, too often, that’s just how it works.

For Dropbox users who haven’t been able to get their employers to adopt Dropbox for Business thus far, it serves as ammunition for making a case that the file sync and share solution they use in their personal lives should be used in the enterprise as well.

And for IT managers who aren’t sure that Dropbox is serious about business, consider this -- it’s the third feature/update they’ve introduced since July 1.

Title image by Ed Yourdon (Flickr) via a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license