With the promise of improved efficiencies and compelling price, Treeno Software announced its v.4.0 document management system that includes a new look-and-feel user interface to help reduce training, lower cost of operations and improve overall productivity.

The SaaS includes a browser-based platform providing the functional utilities that integrates into any size business and supports key applications such as automated routing of reccurring processes, content versioning, redactions and annotations, department segmenting and document control. Treeno said the technology is most often used to help simplify audit trails, eases compliance requirements and mitigate risk of exposure.

“EDM (enterprise document management) is all about making workflow and operations as simple and efficient as possible. With our improved user-centered design, Treeno Software enables more people within any organization to leverage the value of this critical business application,” said Steve Tentindo, President, Treeno Software, Inc.

Document Center, Dashboard Customization

The Treeno Document Center is where users manage all electronic documents and files. Users can upload document and files using multiple supported methods and have access to the data via the Virtual File Viewer that gives access to any file type in the system. 


Treeno Software Document Center

Users can customize their Document Center screen to hide or reorder folder keyword columns. Each configuration can be unique to the individual user and allows for prioritization of the information. The settings can be saved for future sessions.

The company said users can choose from a variety of layouts to organize their Treeno Document Management Dashboard home page to customize their work space. For example, common functions such as the Inbox, Workflow Tasks and Cabinet list can be displayed after login to simplify work and streamline individual performance.  

Pricing Remains the Same

The company said it is keeping its rates competitive, essentially remaining unchanged despite the v.4.0 upgrades to the UI. "The combination of these improvements, aggressive pricing, and a smarter marketing strategy promises to expand their market share," the company said.  Also, beta tests and initial customer previews were well received.

Treeno was initially focused in the Insurance market, but expanded into medical billing, manufacturing & distribution, the education market, financial services, HR and Accounting. Its v.4.0 upgrade represents the combination of more than 10 years of user analysis and technical expertise in enterprise document management. Treeno first launched products in this space in 2002.