If you were following us two weeks ago you might remember that we were getting all touchy-feely -- at least as touchy-feely as a journalist can get -- about Version One (news, site) and their document management green meter.

Problem was that we didn’t know how it worked and we promised that as soon as we knew, you’d know.

Well, they’ve just announced the details. The meter is part of the company’s Clean and Green initiative and will calculate and report on carbon savings from the following transactions:

  • Emailing documents
  • Automatic electronic faxing
  • Storage of outgoing documents
  • Electronic authorization of documents

The green meter calculations are based on a range of formulae, including those obtained from the UK's  Carbon Trust and the UK Department of Environment tables. The information will be issued to users numerically after an action, and will also be displayed as a graphic.

This works by adding one leaf to a graphic of a tree for every one per cent of a tree's potential CO2 that is saved. When 100 leaves are added to the graphic, the tree is moved into a ‘Total Trees' data field -- representing the total number of trees saved. A new graphic appears and the process starts again. Awwww shucks!!!

If you want a better look and happen to be in London for the Green IT Expo on November 10/11 in the Barbican Center, Version One will be at Stand 4.