WatchDox Enables Secure Document Sharing for SharePoint Outside the Firewall

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Enable Secure Document Sharing for SharePoint Outside the Firewall with WatchDox
SharePoint 2010 users who need to share documents outsidethe firewall just got a new option. WatchDox, which provides a secure documentsharing  and controlsoftware-as-a-service(SaaS) solution,announced a new integration with the popular SharePoint 2010.

Sharing Securely With SharePoint

Numerous organizations implement SharePoint to improvedocumentsharing and collaboration. However, many encounter challenges such as:

  • difficulty sharing documents with partiesexternal to the firewall
  • difficulty sharing documents to users withmobile devices, especially those that are not corporate controlled
  • inability to monitor or control subsequentdistribution of the document once it has been shared

It is these issues that WatchDox’s SharePointConnectoraddresses. The solution allows administrators to empower users withthe ability to sharedocuments, or document libraries,securely from SharePoint withanyone – even if they are outside thefirewall. WatchDox users can restrictdocument recipients fromdownloading, copying, printing and forwarding theshared documents.

WatchDox permissions management interface

WatchDox permissions management interface

The solution also supports granular tracking and auditing ofsharedcontent and the ability to destroy shared documents at any time – even after they have been downloaded.
WatchDox monitoring interface

WatchDox monitoring interface

The ability to destroy documents post distribution could bea  benefit to organizations with mobile devices in use. If adevicecontaining sensitive information is stolen or lost, contentshared usingWatchDox can be removed to reduce the risk of aninformation breach.

What About Information Rights Management?

Readers who have dealt with the challenges before may bewonderinghow the WatchDox’s SharePoint Connector differs from existingdigital/enterprise/informationrights management products such as WindowsRights Management Server (RMS), whichcan be configured for SharePoint.Rights management technology has the samecore goal as the WatchDoxsolution -- protecting documents from unauthorizedviewing, printing,editing and forwarding after they have been shared.

Learning Opportunities

WatchDox’s solution has a number of differentiators fromtraditional rights management solutions such as:

  • Designed to share documents internally andexternally -- althoughsome RM products such as Documentum protect documentsexternally, for themost part the solutions are designed to secure contentinside of theenterprise
  • Dynamic permission changes post distribution -- WatchDox allowsusers to change document permissions even after the document isshared
  • Low technical barriers to entry -- WatchDox isdeployed as aservice, making it easier to deploy and maintain as compared to non-service based enterprise rights management platforms; forexample, RMS requires the RMS server software, SQL Server andActive Directoryplus a significant set of configuration tasks

Getting the WatchDox SharePoint Connector

The WatchDox SharePoint connector is available now from WatchDox.Inaddition, the company will be demonstrating the product at theupcomingSharePoint conference in Anaheim, Calif. October 3 - 6.