While business process management is generally regarded as one of the growing software spaces where enterprises can really build efficiencies, getting information into a BPM system is still key. One of the core elements of BPM is forms management, which explains why Westbrook (news, site) has just added a forms module to its FortisBlue content management package.

With thenew module, which comes with the upgraded v1.4, users can build dynamic forms that can be then entered into existing business processes, be that in approvals, invoicing or any other process that is form dependent.

From there, the forms can be entered into to any other FortisBlue workflow, shared with other applications, as well as archived or flagged for deletion using automated retention schedules.

This version also offers options for improved integration with many of the principal multifunction devices on the market at the moment, including eCopy ShareScan, PSIGen's PSI:Capture Connector for FortisBlue, automated import from a specified network location and the flexibility of Web services-based custom integrations.


FortisBlue v1.4

FortisBlue Document Management

FortisBlue is a thin client that captures, archives, searches, annotates, retrieves and safeguards paper and electronic documents, built on Web services and designed to be compatible with other similar applications. It is cloud-ready.

Learning Opportunities

It has all the characteristics of a traditional desktop client/server application, and the look and feel of a typical desktop application.

It should not to be confused with two older, client-server document management products from Westbrook: Fortis and FortisSE, although they are related. FortisBlue is a complete rewrite of the software done by a separate, internal development team.

It was designed specifically to make first-time document management activities user-friendly. But it does come with a whole pile of advanced features, such as built-in scanning capabilities, workflow, and full text and metadata search for up to 25 users.

This is really an entry-level package with all the tools needed for complete content and document management. With the forms module, Westbrook has added important functionality that will add to its appeal to users, who are looking for the functionality, but not the hassle of something much larger.