In what has to be top of any advertising agencies wish list, Xerox (newssite) has decided to rebrand itself through a major ad campaign that will roll-out next week and carry over through 2011 as a business process management and document management company rather than one that just provides copiers.

While anyone working directly in the document management industry would be aware of Xerox’s substantial document management software products, and many more would be aware of the BPM significance of February’s ACS buy-out, Xerox is looking to change the mindset of many SMBs and enterprises that see the company as a provider of office hardware.

Xerox’s New Image

While Xerox is one of the world’s leading brand names, for its current CEO Ursula Burns, it’s an image she is looking to change as on the foot of the acquisition of ACS half its revenue is now coming from business services management.

It's all about communicating the new Xerox in fresh and engaging ways to disrupt legacy perceptions of the Xerox brand, and turn up the volume on the breadth and depth of our services and technology," Chief Marketing Officer Christa Carone said.

Print, television, Web and airport advertising kick off in the U.S. on September 7 and in Europe later this year, and are complemented with a specifically designed website, (goes live on September 7) which showcases examples of Xerox helping clients get back to real business.

Xerox’s Campaign

Also on show will be six of Xerox’s major clients and underlining the importance the company is placing on the campaign those clients includeProcter & Gamble, Baseball's New York Mets and Marriott International.

As a group they’re are not brand names any company is going to toy with, even Xerox, which seems set on leaving the legacy image behind.

According to employees, the campaign was officially flagged by Ms Burns to Xerox’s 130,000 employees worldwide with a memo explaining that the ads are:

aimed at disrupting old perceptions of the Xerox brand and positioning the new Xerox as the world's leading enterprise for business process and document management."

No price has been given for the campaign, which will run for 15 weeks in the US and a similar campaign running in Europe from October 4, but it is said to be the biggest campaign Xerox has mounted in 20 years.

Learning Opportunities

Xerox, ACS and BPM

The campaign, fully funded by Xerox, is targeting business people, particularly those with decision-making power and aims to raise the profile of ACS (news, site) which it finally bought in February for US$ 6.4 billion cash deal.

With a price tag like that it really does need to perform for Xerox and with proper management should see it increasing its share of the BPO/M market estimated to be worth somewhere in the region of US $150 billion annually with a predicted growth rate of 5% per year.

ACS provides information technology services to industries including telecommunications, retail, financial services and education and has operated as a stand-alone firm since the takeover.

Already, ACS is the largest provider of managed services to government with over 1,700 federal, state, county and local government contracts.

Analysts across the industry said at the time of the takeover that the deal would give Xerox a better foothold in a wider market, and in particular in a market that is being dominated by HP at the moment. With this advertising campaign, Xerox is mapping out that foothold.