Seeking to add panache to the seemingly slow world of document management, Xythos has just updated Xythos on Demand 1.6, a SaaS document management service.To skim the surface, the latest Xythos version adds extra oomph to their Web-based interfaces with the inclusion of collaborative characteristics like RSS feed support and document-centric discussions via a new wiki feature. Designed for professional service businesses and independent departments in big organizations, on Demand has the pleasing ability to deploy quickly and present a common access method for all users, regardless of their location. The product also provides offline data synchronization, which Xythos has dubbed "particularly important" to its client base. "Our organization needed a safer and easier way to exchange operations documents between offices in 40 different countries," said IT manager Walter Klincewicz of DSV Air and Sea Inc. The company, which specializes in international transportation management, has more than 8,000 docs stored, managed and protected via Xythos. "The Xythos on Demand service provides the control and flexibility a rapidly growing business like ours demands." The on Demand service boasts a customizable interface equipped with digital-era-friendly applications tailored to business needs: * Modifiable file manager, for better organization and ease of access to important features * Wiki support (still in beta), for adding relevant discussion to living documents * Folder creation wizard * RSS support, so readers can obtain fast access to updated documents * Right-click Web menus, which places familiar desktop menus online * AJAX-based menu options, which empowers users to treat their menu options like their desktops, even when they can only access their information from a remote browser on Demand also includes enhanced document sharing features, which help discourage email-based file sharing, an easy habit that, at best, flirts with trouble. But along with all the Web 2.0 bells and whistles, on Demand doesn't deter from an enterprise's first priority in the ever-tightening days of regulatory compliance: security, document administration and storage controls. Xythos, no stranger to security in doc management, leans upon its long record in having serviced Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions and the federal government, drawing confidence from past experience. "Organizations require more than just online storage," said CEO Ed Miller of Xythos. "They need a safer and easier way to manage their content online and they expect service providers to have a proven history of success." Words to live by. Convinced? If not completely, clients-to-be are free to try on Demand 1.6 for 30 days at no cost (no credit card info necessary). But even beyond that, an investment looks like a fairly low-risk proposition, with multi-user business accounts starting at US$ 39.95. Take a peek at the Xythos website.