The buzz surrounding the Enterprise 2.0 space grows louder today with HiveLive's announcement of its LiveConnect Community Platform.LiveConnect is designed to create Enterprise 2.0 social communities for customers, employees, and partners. The new platform enables the rapid configuration of a custom enterprise community that combines people, relationships, and knowledge. Each community member has a personalized view based on permissions and their information relevant to their relationships, perspectives, and interest. A startup founded in 2006 by two brothers (John and Geoff Kembel), HiveLive's patent pending technology affectionately known as the Hive (short for Web archive) is at the heart of this community platform. The Hive is a Web 2.0 building block that enables a user to create any number of blogs, wikis, forums, chat rooms, polls, FAQs and lots of custom information creation templates for their community. What's even better is the user does this by selecting options, entering text, and clicking. There's no coding required. Features of the LiveConnect Community Platform include the following: * People Centered Capabilities: The ability to create custom profiles, networks, groups, and roles plus the ability to personalize a person's view of the site based on this information. * Flexible Web 2.0 Tools: social networks, Hives, the ability to create information templates by clicking, setting permissions. * Community Interaction: Members can post, comment, build, search, vote, and flag content. * Extended Community: Includes RSS feeds, email, single-sign on and authorization, and an API that enables the business to integrate the community with their existing web applications/sites. * Administration: Full and flexible administration capabilities including Account Management, Invitations/Joins, Custom Branding and skins, custom pages and usage reporting. * Platform: The on-demand platform is built on industry standards including SSL, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. HiveLive powers Rally Software's Agile Commons, a Web 2.0 community designed to interact and exchange knowledge Agile practitioners (one of the finalists for the Groundswell Awards for social computing by Forrester Research). This new age of Enterprise 2.0 has seen the emergence of a number of business community platforms, some as a product (Jive's ClearSpace which is a JAVA platform) and some on demand (Software as a Service) like LiveConnect. Also included in this list is Microsoft SharePoint, although many still argue that Microsoft doesn't truly understand what a social community platform involves. The jury is still out on SharePoint though as more enterprises move to integrate the collaboration platform into their evironments. Take a test drive on LiveConnect by submitting a request to the company. Then come back and tell us if you think they have what it takes to make it in the Enterprise 2.0 community world.