kWizCom Wiki Add-On for SharePoint

You're right, SharePoint already has a wiki component built in. And it's okay. But is there something better out there? KWizCom says their KWizCom SharePoint 2007 Wiki Plus is just what the enterprise ordered.

KWizCom is a Canadian company that specializes in Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM solutions. You could compare them to Bamboo Solutions when it comes to the number and types of web parts and add-ons they have for SharePoint.

Their latest solution is the Wiki Plus for SharePoint - for both MOSS Standard and Enterprise Editions. It is built on top of the MOSS infrastructure so it's tightly integrated with the full SharePoint functionality.



 Wiki Plus Features

A quick glance at the features of this wiki solution tell us that it has the right stuff:

  • Support for standard Wiki markup language
  • Improved content editing capabilities
  • Complete taxonomy solution 
  • Content rating (5 stars)
  • Support for RSS feeds / Alerts / subscriptions on wiki pages
  • Content lifecycle management
  • Support for discussions on Wiki pages
  • Advanced reporting
  • Wiki content templates
  • Enable adding images and file attachments to wiki pages - the easy way!

What's Different From the MOSS built-in Wiki?

What's different? A lot.

Markup: One of the most important differences is that it supports standard wiki markup language. The internal SharePoint wiki only supports the [[page]] markup element. Included in Wiki Plus is the ability to auto-generate a table of contents for the wiki.

Wiki Editor: The Wiki Plus editor is based on the Telerik editor control and contains many more editing options for wiki content. A wiki markup parser is also available in the editor, as is the ability to create a wiki template. Both of these are nice features.


Discussions and Subscriptions: You can subscribe to the wiki using your RSS feed or through email alerts. This is beneficial when you need to know if new content is being added. And if you have an opinion or thought to share, there's discussion capabilities tied to the page.

Reporting: It's always nice to know who is using the wiki and actively contributing to it. The reports are available to designated administrators through the SharePoint Admin Pages.

There's a lot more here to look at. For the price, this does seem like a viable alternative to get wiki functionality into your SharePoint environment. Of course, there are other alternatives, including Atlassian's Confluence, SocialText and even an open source enhanced wiki on CodePlex.

You can download a trial of the Wiki Plus solution or just buy it straight out for US$ 2,380.00