ACOM Solutions EZContentManager Document Management
If your organization dreams of going completely paperless, and honestly what organization doesn't strive for that, then electronic document management is at the top of the action list. However, if the thought of a seven-figure investment in an "enterprise" document management system terrifies the beancounters then perhaps ACOM Solutions' EZContentManager is just what the doctor ordered.EZContentManager version 3.4.0 is the latest release of ACOM Solutions' web-based document management solution designed to facilitate the consolidation of multiple file types within a single SQL data repository. Furthermore, as more and more of a knowledge worker's daily tasks move within the browser environment, EZContentManager keeps in step by providing a web interface for content access and management. According to ACOM Solutions', EZContentManager provides the following capabilities: * Intuitive user interface lessens the need for extensive user training * Central administration includes authorization model at the user/group level * Automation of most document storage and retrieval operations aimed at business operations from customer help desks to collaborative planning and document creation * Import utility supports copying jobs, resizing windows, and a more user friendly path structure * Auto linking applies virtual links to documents that are imported in batches * Wildcard searchs in all fields * Automated retention policy including a "move" function that actually works (i.e. no more "copy, paste, delete old") * In-line preview eliminates the need to download documents for viewing * Scanning utility for small scanning jobs (one to two items) If you own or work for a small-to-medium sized business (SMB) that is in the market for a document management solution, there are certainly worse ways to spend your time than researching what ACOM's latest offering brings to the table. But don't take our word for it, take a look at EZContentManager for yourself and be sure to check out the free webinar.