It's Friday, and what better a way to end the day than talk about a reheating of the proprietary vs open source model? But it's not between content management vendors -- well not technically. This time it's related to social software, and Drupal is at the heart of it.

Introducing Drupal Commons

Maybe the smart thing is not to directly compare yourself to open source web content management provider Drupal. That's what Jive Software did in a recent whitepaper: The Unique Advantages of Jive Social Business Software over Open Source Software (Liferay is also mentioned in the whitepaper). We expect the reason this was done was because Jive was coming up against Drupal when they were speaking with enterprises.

As you know, open source is becoming much more widely accepted in the enterprise today. And Drupal does refer to itself more as social software than web content management.

The comparison obviously didn't reflect well on Drupal. So Dries Buytaert has come forward with the news of a new Drupal distribution called Drupal Commons from Acquia.

Several weeks into development, Drupal Commons is Acquia's enterprise community packaged solution offering everything you need to set up and manage a community: groups, discussion forums, blogs, wikis, events.

Dries says it's only in the beginning stages and we expect to see and hear a lot more in the coming months. When it is ready it will be on drupal.org under the GPL license terms.

Our own Dee Ann LeBlanc is headed for DrupalCon SF next week, so we'll be sure to get the scoop on this new distribution. Until then, enjoy the video.