AIIM: Organizations Still Don't Get Enterprise 2.0

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AIIM,Enterprise 2.0
Try as they may, organizations are still not getting Enterprise 2.0. This according to the AIIM Market Intelligence group's Market IQ study "Enterprise 2.0: Agile, Emergent and Integrated". It seems everyone acknowledges it and appears to want it, but what exactly "it" is -- is still unclear in the minds of many.The study, conducted during January 2008, was underwritten by a number of content management vendors including CoreMedia, Day Software, Open Text, EMC, SpringCM and SocialText. It surveyed 441 end users via an online survey tool. "Enterprise 2.0 is on the minds of most organizations," states AIIM Vice President Carl Frappaolo. "44% of respondents indicated that Enterprise 2.0 is imperative or significant to corporate goals and objectives. Another 27% positioned Enterprise 2.0 as having average impact on business goals and success." The problem is that most of these users don't really know what Enterprise 2.0 really means with 74% still very unclear. The resulting report from the survey is over 80 pages and contains over 71 distinct data points. According to the report, senior management is as much behind implementing Enterprise 2.0 as is the general user population. In addition, the biggest barrier to adoption appears to be corporate culture. Both these points make a lot of sense.But why the drive to Enterprise 2.0 if they don't really understand what it is? How can an organization implement set of technologies to drive improved business processes and communications if they don't really know what it is they want to achieve or how the technologies will help to achieve it?The problem seems to continually point to our need to always be on top of the next big thing, sometimes on the bleeding edge before we truly understand it's value.Go to AIIM to get your copy of the report.