Looks like Alfresco isn't the only vendor offering a SharePoint alternative. Australian vendor Intranet Dashboard says they have the perfect alternative to SharePoint, offering an all in one solution for creating Intranets, Extranets and portals. 

First time we've heard of them. So let's take a closer look.

The Intranet Dashboard

The Intranet Dashboard is a set of 40 tools designed to help you build your Intranet. Tools are categorized as Web Content Management/Publishing, Business Tools and Collaboration/Communication. Okay, sounds a little familiar.

Even the Front-end website even has a familiar look and feel to SharePoint:


Intranet Dashboard - Front-End

Features at a Glance

Content Management

You can create and edit web pages in addition to documents:

  • Web Content Management: Intuitive enough for the less technical folks to create web pages and web sites, drag and drop creation and editing of pages in WYSIWYG mode, a standand publishing system and the ability for end-users to submit content like FAQs, news, calendar events, room bookings and more.
  • Document Management: Version control, track changes, check-in/check-out, create and manage document categories, search and more.

Forty Different Tools

Take a look at the forty some tools they offer in this suite, including:

  • Document Manager
  • Forms Manager
  • Calendar
  • Digital Assets Library
  • Layout Manager
  • Ad Manager
  • RSS News Feeds
  • Newsletters
  • Forums
  • Localization
  • Polls
  • and much much more

Built on the Microsoft Platform

The Intranet Dashboard is built on the Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework and uses a SQL Server database backend (there is also a MSDE version available).

They say they support industry standards for application integration, but they aren't specific here -- we assume XML. Based on an object-oriented architecture, the solution can be load balanced for large deployments. It can scale exponentially with no limits on the number of site.

They also claim to integrate with other applications and systems, having a number of content integration adapters for technologies like COM, ODBC, FTP, SNMP, HTTP and XML.

Multilingual and Localized

The solution supports all UTF-8 compliant languages and front-end localization is done through XML language documents.


A comprehensive security solution includes multiple levels for administrators and activity logging. In addition, role based user groups give organizations the ability to customize permissions based on their unique needs.

The application also supports SSL for secure access to the Administration site across the network and can integrate with Active Directory.

Take a Test Drive

It's easy enough to review a list of features and say yes, it's very similar to SharePoint. But that doesn't mean it's a viable alternative. With 800 clients over 65 countries -- their largest implementation covering 140,000 users -- Intranet Dashboard must be doing something right.

Licensing for the solution is based on number of Administrators/content publishers, although we can't tell you what that cost amounts to.

Is Intranet Dashboard an alternative to SharePoint? You will have to take a closer look and decide for yourself.